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a mass of snow heaped up by the wind

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And when he got home perhaps he would have to trudge several blocks, and come staggering back through the snowdrifts with a bag of coal upon his shoulder.
It was a hard day's run, up the Canon, through Sheep Camp, past the Scales and the timber line, across glaciers and snowdrifts hundreds of feet deep, and over the great Chilcoot Divide, which stands between the salt water and the fresh and guards forbiddingly the sad and lonely North.
Couriers could not go fast enough, nor far enough; broke their wagons, foundered their horses; bad roads in Spring, snowdrifts in Winter, heat in Summer--could not get their horses out of a walk.
Dorcas and the boy went on joyously, and even Reuben's spirit shone at intervals with an outward gladness; but inwardly there was a cold cold sorrow, which he compared to the snowdrifts lying deep in the glens and hollows of the rivulets while the leaves were brightly green above.
this week: Snow Send pictures to Flashback, Daily Post, Bryn Eirias, Colwyn Bay, Conwy LL29 8BF or e-mail | Postwoman Sybil Davies, of Coedpoeth, braves a snowdrift to see her mail reaches its destination in 1963 | Summer seems far off with this snowy scene on the North Wales Moors in 1983 | Digging the car out of the snow was an extra job for some in 1985 | A farmer brings his flock down to lower pastures as the snow envelops the Denbigh Moors over the weekend.
8, passersby found the body of a newborn boy in a snowdrift two kilometers (1.2 miles) from the city of Aksay, Rostov region, Russia.
The ball is the same as an indoor cricket ball, a composite plastic red ball which makes it relatively easy to find if it gets hit into a snowdrift.
The Land Rover got stuck in a snowdrift at the weekend.
All the roads which lead to al-Zabadani area are hardly passable due to the accumulation of snow, except the road of al-Zabadani-Sirghayia and al-Zabadani-al-Rawda which are closed due to the snowdrift while all the roads in al-Tal area are barely open due to accumulation of snow.
"Our latest innovation is the Blended Cupcake Snowdrift; you can now drink a cupcake.
TIP / Daniel Lutzick is an accomplished sculptor, and you can see his works at the Snowdrift Art Space, his studio and gallery located in a onetime department store built in 1914.
A 76-year-old man died after getting stuck in a snowdrift in the village of Povet, near the Bulgarian-Turkish border.
We used a line of rubber cement to adhere the snowdrift mask.
PRINCE William airlifted an injured walker who fell injured into a deep snowdrift during a family holiday hike in Wales.
THE BIG FREEZE: (Left) Snow piled waist-high at the roadsides; (above) Blues staff get the pitch ready for a game against Bury; and (below) traffic ploughs its way through the snowdrift after being dug out on Alcester Road.