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a covering of snow (as on a mountain peak)

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Along this line, the nine target novel words or nouns selected for this study were hearth, iceberg, lodge, rink, skis, snowcap, snowshoes, toboggan, and winterbourne.
We begin in Puerto Montt, by snowcaps on the Gulf of Ancud, and run upcountry through Santiago and Antofagasta on Chile Highway 5 until we cross the border into Tacna, Peru, and thence up the coastline on Highway 1.
The name aptly suggests Lucerne's situation at the geographical heart of Switzerland: north of the highest alpine peaks, but surrounded nevertheless by perfectly-formed snowcaps and gently sloping pastures dotted with distant chalet roofs and needle-sharp church spires.
2 will be advertising kingpin Jerry Della Femina, municipal bond guru Jim Lebenthal and Dan Crown of exhib Crown Theaters, who's got a killer bit on Goobers and Snowcaps.
Mustara lies high in the mountains, halfway between the snowcaps and the sea.
When Mayor Dennis Lunberry gazes out the window of his office in Idaho Springs' modest City Hall, it isn't western snowcaps he sees, but the flat, black four-lane interstate that divides his town in two.
About 2% of all the Earth's water is frozen in glaciers and snowcaps.
Pulling their snowcaps over their ears, they disembark and struggle onwards to bring the intense rational consciousness of their cutting instruments to the "traditional intelligentsia once buried entirely in the tribal rites of Oxford and literary London.
As the planet thawed, carbon dioxide released from the melting snowcaps and soil would thicken the atmosphere.
But in the mountainous kingdom of Bhutan, where it's irrigated with pure water from glacial snowcaps, red rice is king and one of the country's few exports.
Across San Francisco Bay from the Golden Gate bridge, the salty bay waters mingle with the melting snowcaps of the Sierra Mountains to form the largest estuary on the west coast of North and South America.
It's his determination and success that made him the perfect embodiment of Snowcaps.
Over 90 per cent of the country is covered by mountains, and it has witnessed the total area of its glaciers -- which, along with snowcaps, are the main source of water for Tajikistan -- diminish by one third since 1930, he said.