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a covering of snow (as on a mountain peak)

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A pair of earrings with the snowcap mother-of-pearl emblem can also be transformed into more elaborate creations by adding the detachable pendants that create a cascading effect with shimmering diamonds and pearls.
the other mountains, its snowcap white, the trees below giving the
Some of the more recent winter offerings include kick sledding (you stand on the sled and push the ground with your foot to get it going), snowcap skiing, expanded snowmachine adventures, northern lights-viewing packages and skijoring (skiing while harnessed to one or more dogs).
Snowcap is a retail property location and advisory service.
For a few moments, he forgets the crash, the pain, the long surgery, and just lets his vision focus on the melting snowcap at the top of the verdant mountain.
Both colleges will also receive supplies throughout the year of Pura's premium range of Peerless Delta cake margarine, New Twix pastry margarine, Snowcap white shortening, and Hyray hi-ratio shortening, all from nominated Pura Foods distributor BFP Wholesale.
Four years ago, the government settled with Snowcap with a $335,000 payout to the company, which had gone to some lengths to establish an exporting infrastructure.
In 1996, British Columbia settled with Snowcap Waters, Sun Belt's Canadian partner, in a similar case.
Fourth quarter shipments were boosted by a 13% increase in Pyramid Hefeweizen sales and a 14% increase in sales of the winter seasonal Pyramid Snowcap Ale, over the prior year.
Previous GPS readings from the summit were imprecise because the rocky peak is covered by a snowcap of unknown depth that grows and shrinks over the year.
As I write this, I am looking across the greens of the Riveria Country Club to Catalina Island, 26 miles across the sea on my right, and, to the left, the snowcap of Mount Baldy more than 50 miles away.
managed antidrug campaigns in South America, Operation Blast Furnace in Bolivia and Operation Snowcap in Bolivia and Peru.