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confined or shut in by heavy snow

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The hard winter of 1947 - the party leaving snowbound Newcastle in south Shropshire
"Keeping in view the inclement weather, snowbound trek, damaged forest huts at Ganesh Park and resolution passed by Dev Samaj and Pradhans of Ribba and Powari villages, it has been decided that Kinner Kailash Yatra shall stay suspended for this year," Sub-Divisional Magistrate said in an official statement.
Tourists wait for a flight to escape the snowbound valley
which caused avalanches' in snowbound areas of Azad Kashmir.
The Prime Minister directed all the district administrations to fully cooperate with the highway authorities for the rehabilitation of the link roads of their concerned areas, damaged and blocked due to recent spell of heavy rains and snowfalls which caused avalanches' in snowbound areas of Azad Kashmir.
The prime minister also decided that public institutions in the snowbound southern governorates of Karak, Maan and Tafileh will be closed on Wednesday.
1855: The 'Devil's Footprints' appeared in snowbound South Devon - 100 miles of cloven hoofprints, eight inches apart in a single line.
Tomorrow's action at snowbound Huntingdon is expected to fall to an 8am check today, however, while Friday's National Hunt card at Kempton will be replaced by an all-weather Flat meeting if it fails an inspection at 8am tomorrow.
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According to the survey beach holidays were much more popular than trips to snowbound destinations.Over the past seven years, in terms of their market share, European winter trips abroad have increased by 30 to 40 per cent.
Framed by the snowbound shores of Hokkaido, the characters seem inseparable from the formidable landscape, with their natures and their bond superseding mere psychology.
He stepped out for a few seconds before his mum or gran pulled him back," said Jeff, who also braved the elements for many of his photos, travelling to snowbound Aviemore to capture the Cairngorm reindeer herd two days before Christmas.
Performed by a stellar cast of eight narrators, Snowbound is the unabridged audiobook rendition of Richard Wheeler's award-winning biographical novel about American explorer John Fremont, who searched for a railway route west along the 38th parallel.
The soundless snowbound greyhound homeward bound is severed