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confined or shut in by heavy snow

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Tourists wait for a flight to escape the snowbound valley
which caused avalanches' in snowbound areas of Azad Kashmir.
Jean-Baptiste Ronfard, Snowbound Software's Business Development Manager and Alfresco Channel Manager, said, "We are thrilled to partner with Zia Consulting, who excel at addressing the most critical document challenges facing organizations today.
Framed by the snowbound shores of Hokkaido, the characters seem inseparable from the formidable landscape, with their natures and their bond superseding mere psychology.
Deer are often snowbound and vulnerable, and weeding down a few coyote packs can help minimize predation overkill.
He stepped out for a few seconds before his mum or gran pulled him back," said Jeff, who also braved the elements for many of his photos, travelling to snowbound Aviemore to capture the Cairngorm reindeer herd two days before Christmas.
Performed by a stellar cast of eight narrators, Snowbound is the unabridged audiobook rendition of Richard Wheeler's award-winning biographical novel about American explorer John Fremont, who searched for a railway route west along the 38th parallel.
The soundless snowbound greyhound homeward bound is severed
TWO walkers had to be rescued by helicopter after going up a mountain without a map and getting stranded on a snowbound slope.
See I told you, so far as those areas are concerned we have already notified inaccessible and snowbound areas like Gurez, Karna, Matsel or Dachan, Doda and Kathwa sides, we have already completed population enumeration as well as house listing.
During this long cold snowy spell, being elderly and with our car snowbound and off the road, things looked rather hopeless keeping our supplies stocked up.
A CHURCH has helped postmen get gifts through to snowbound parishioners.
KABUL, February 10, 2010, SPA - At least 157 people have been killed in a series of avalanches that blocked a mountain pass north of Kabul, trapping hundreds more in their snowbound vehicles, Afghan officials said Wednesday.
GLOBAL WARMING IS this the latest global warming Freezing at night and in the morning With no let up for days on end Can't take the car as it's snowbound We have to walk to get around With footpaths in a lethal state It's not easy, and this we hate So where's this global warming now?
When Political Editor Tom Bradby was summoned from his snowbound Cornish bolthole for the coup that wasn't, the biggest problem was not his transport.