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a machine that removes snow by scooping it up and throwing it forcefully through a chute


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The wagon rides on a single caster wheel and is supported by a frame made from 1-inch square tubing and flat steel, which bolts onto the snowblower housing.
The sweeper and snowblower will ensure the timely and effective removal of snow, slush and ice from runways and taxiways; the fire shelter keeps the aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicle and equipment dry and frost free for quick access, while the other equipment will ensure the continued safe operation of the airport for passengers, employees, medical evacuations, and firefighting operations.
The website currently features articles and videos about how to go about choosing and purchasing a Craftsman snowblower, how to get one ready for winter, and how to locate a snowblower user manual online.
On the other hand, if you have a large driveway and get a lot of snow, a garden tractor fitted with a snowblower or plow blade may be worth the cost.
The Kenton Ward Committee has invested funds into an innovative snowblower, the first in the city, to support staff.
Using multiple attachments, it is a master of many tasks from pushing a snow plough, running a sweeper, towing a snowblower and powering de-icing equipment to mowing the grass, verges and hedges in the summer.
I have rarely given any thought to the possibility of an exploding snowblower.
She praised airport staff who worked to get the runway clear and said the airport's equipment including snowploughs, snowblower, and tractors was the same as in previous years.
Yet over the course of 15 songs, DylanAAEs huffing and puffing becomes familiar, almost meditativeAulike a snowblower howling away on a December afternoon.
This option allows the operator to use all features of these implements, such as to angle or cut a swale with a box blade, adjust the chute on a snowblower, or raise and lower the decks on a multi-stage mower.
If their snowblower didn't run, they couldn't clear the sidewalk or driveway.
A couple of years ago I got the idea to make a hydraulic wood splitter on a wheeled platform that is rolled up to the back of my snowblower and powered off the snowblower's motor.
Our latest model, the RPM-227, is a 2 stage twin auger type self-contained heavy-duty snowblower utilizing a 350 hp Diesel Tier 2 electronic engine.