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deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries

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Stonecrest Properties, 3635 Snowberry Rd; new single family dwelling with attached garage; $313,020.
Vintage at Snowberry is also conveniently located in close proximity to Riverside's many shopping, dining and public transportation options.
Snowberry from New Zealand edged out 16 brands to win the 2011 Discover Beauty Award.
Snowberry, hawthorn, holly and viburnum are but a few beautifully coloured berries found in hedgerows.
That form has since been given a boost by the victory of the fifth Snowberry Hill and she could hardly be any better treated off the basement mark of 45, with Matthew Davies taking off a handy 3lb.
willow, rose and snowberry once grew a light staggers.
I am looking to purchase pictures of any type of Sphinx Hummingbird moths: White Sphinx, Snowberry Clearwing, Tersa Sphinx moths and so on.
On a hat-trick thanks to wins in staying events at Wolverhampton, Donohoe aimed him for the inside rail turning for the finish and Zuwaar responded in style, zipping a length and three-quarters away from Snowberry Hill.
There is dark timber and quaking aspen downhill to the north, mostly sage and snowberry to the south with a few scattered quakies.
AUTUMN: Hypericum, snowberry, callicarpa, amaranthus, rudbeckia.
This book profiles 25 botanical specimens collected by the duo, including Osage orange, snowberry, camas, bearberry, and ponderosa pine.
The original owner had kept the Snowberry White car in great condition by doing a different project on it every year until he became too old to manage the work.
Reforestation crews will remove invasive plant species and replant the stream banks with native plant species such as Western Redcedar, Swamp Rose, Pacific Ninebark, Black Cottonwood, Snowberry and Oregon Ash.
The North Dakota tests found that Silv-Ex damaged roots of snowberry, suppressed flowering in pink swamp-heath, and triggered "periods of stupor and lack of co-ordination.
If you want some white berries to provide contrast with the red, consider planting a snowberry (Symphoricarpos).