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deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries

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A police spokesman said: "At around 11.15pm, a call was received reporting gunshots in Snowberry Road.
Snowberry, founded by cosmetician Soraya Hendesi, markets a range of skin care products that include anti-aging treatments, serums and moisturizers.
Stonecrest Properties, 3635 Snowberry Rd; new single family dwelling with attached garage; $313,020.
Firethorn and the snowberry - symphoricarpos - are great varieties.
2 | SNOWBERRY We're wild for the honey's complex, slightly cinnamony flavor; one taster said it instantly transported her to her childhood in Idaho.
Irvine, CA, May 09, 2012 --( WNC, a national investor in community renewal and affordable housing projects, in partnership with USA Properties Fund, has announced the grand opening of Vintage at Snowberry Apartment Homes.
Sage, crocuses, yarrow, snowberry, wild clover, goldenrod, vetch, prairie grasses and numerous other species that occur naturally in the valley now flourish in the gardens that cover two and a half acres.
Guests travelling to Val d'Isere on January 22 can have all the equipment they require pre-ordered from Snowberry. Availability y and the best quality equipment is guaranteed, no matter how busy the resort gets.
Snowberry, hawthorn, holly and viburnum are but a few beautifully coloured berries found in hedgerows.
That form has since been given a boost by the victory of the fifth Snowberry Hill and she could hardly be any better treated off the basement mark of 45, with Matthew Davies taking off a handy 3lb.
willow, rose and snowberry once grew a light staggers.
On a hat-trick thanks to wins in staying events at Wolverhampton, Donohoe aimed him for the inside rail turning for the finish and Zuwaar responded in style, zipping a length and three-quarters away from Snowberry Hill.
There is dark timber and quaking aspen downhill to the north, mostly sage and snowberry to the south with a few scattered quakies.
AUTUMN: Hypericum, snowberry, callicarpa, amaranthus, rudbeckia.