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deciduous shrub of western North America having spikes of pink flowers followed by round white berries

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For the living room or hallway, try filling up a tall clear vase with snowberries - a simple and effective way to cheer up a corner or to place on either side of a mantelpiece.
Staff carried the white wreath - made of lilies, hydrangeas, roses, snowberries and tulips - in a rowing boat.
Scarlet rowan berries, snowberries, traditional holly, cranberries and so on.
A FEW years ago I wrote about the disappearance - before our very eyes - of one of our favourite winter displays, snowberries.
If you want to use ingredients from your garden, go for berries, ivy or snowberries, or hydrangea heads that are starting to go that wonderful russet colour.
Clerodendron, callicarpa, snowberries and the yellow-fruited pyracantha and viburnumns have fruits that last well into the winter.