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small tree native to Japan

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With $35,000 of his own savings and a $17,000 grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, David established an extensive cooperative program to survey private ranches, collect seeds, propagate, and reintroduce Texas snowbells on private lands, including his own ranch.
Admire the snowbells at Painswick Rococo Garden (above), catch a rose-pruning demonstration at Kiftsgate Court (left) and tour the gardens of Blenheim Palace (below).
Snowbells are built with three storeys to a high specification with integral single garages and complementary design details.
George Wimpey North-East sales and marketing director Joan Peart said: "The Snowbells are great homes for families or couples.
Most people, including those who allocate dollars for conservation efforts, find it difficult to appropriate funds for Texas snowbells or other endangered plants when wolves and whales and other high-profile animals also need help.
Such cliffs may be among the only places snowbells can still sprout without being eaten by browsing deer and other animals.