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small tree native to Japan

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Styrax obassia [Pterostyrax hispidum], fragrant snowbell, 1879 (KN:45, 93; JH1863).
However, there is a gauntlet of terror to be run around their brownstone home, not least the vengeful family cat Snowbell (Nathan Lane).
Using Eliza Keary's poem "Snowbell" Paul Ellis identifies a discourse which operates outside "rational conceptions of the world" leading to what he calls "fairy writing": a writing which functions in Keary, he suggests, to "explore a lesbian fantasy": "Fairy writing can only be articulated within the structures of masculine discourse.
Trees don't have to weep to look beautiful bare: Blue palo verde, Callery pear, ginkgo, Japanese snowbell (Styrax japonicus), and Stewartia are all handsome in their deciduous stage and small enough to fit in modest yards.
The Oak Grove features lots of trees, and visitors to the Arboretum can surround themselves with horse chestnut trees, Persian parrotia, bald cypress, beech trees, hemlock or fragrant snowbell trees.
STUART LITTLE Head animal co-ordinator, Boone Narr, scoured Hollywood animal shelters to find five identical white Chinchilla Persians to play disgruntled cat Snowbell. Each of the felines had different talents and personalities to handle the complex role.
obassia--Fragrant Snowbell. This species has larger leaves to 10" long and fragrant flower racemes to 8".
Fox Snowbell Nathan Lane Margalo Melanie Griffith Falcon James Woods Monty Steve Zahn At 78 minutes, "Stuart Little 2" runs 14 minutes shorter than its kid-pleasing predecessor, which should give some idea of the target aud for this slight but lively sequel.
Perfect entertainment for audiences of all sizes - but it's Snowbell the cowardly puss who bags all the laughs.
His adventures lead him through the Big Apple with feline comrade Snowbell. Their mission?
American linden, southern magnolia, green ash, American beech, saucer magnolia and a Japanese snowbell are all marked for cutting, but this time the scene is entirely different.
Three indicator species for this community are Carya aquatica (water hickory), Planera aquatica (planertree), and Quercus lyrata (overcup oak), while Styrax americanus (American snowbell) and Cephalanthus occidentalis (common buttonbush) are constant shrubby associates.
This cemetery did not feel like a cemetery but rather like a park, with hillocks and winding paths, flowering ash and yellowwood and Japanese snowbell cutting out patterns of growth that seemed rare and new.