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small tree native to Japan

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Styrax obassia [Pterostyrax hispidum], fragrant snowbell, 1879 (KN:45, 93; JH1863).
Recreating the photographs for the school project mainly involves completing missions and well-designed minigames, with Stuart receiving lots of help along the way - even from Snowbell the cat.
STUART LITTLE Head animal co-ordinator, Boone Narr, scoured Hollywood animal shelters to find five identical white Chinchilla Persians to play disgruntled cat Snowbell.
Unfortunately, family cat Snowbell is so disenchanted by the newcomer that he hires the local feline hit squad to hunt down and dispose of the pampered household addition.
LANDSCAPE NOTES: Japanese Snowbell is an attractive tree that can be used as a lawn specimen, shade, or border tree.
Cuando es adoptado por los Little, una familia humana interpretada por la actriz ganadora de un Premio de la Academia Geena Davis, Jonathan Lipnicki y Hugh Laurie, el se embarca en aventuras con una gran variedad de personajes, incluyendo su nemesis, el gato de la familia Snowbell (con la voz de Nathan Lane).
Fox Snowbell Nathan Lane Margalo Melanie Griffith Falcon James Woods Monty Steve Zahn
Perfect entertainment for audiences of all sizes - but it's Snowbell the cowardly puss who bags all the laughs.
His adventures lead him through the Big Apple with feline comrade Snowbell.
American linden, southern magnolia, green ash, American beech, saucer magnolia and a Japanese snowbell are all marked for cutting, but this time the scene is entirely different.
This cemetery did not feel like a cemetery but rather like a park, with hillocks and winding paths, flowering ash and yellowwood and Japanese snowbell cutting out patterns of growth that seemed rare and new.
He embarks on a quest to find his beloved Margalo, a little bird who is frightened away by the ferocious family cat, Snowbell.