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Synonyms for snowbank

a mound or heap of snow


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There was so much snow, she was able to walk up the snowbank to join him.
Perrin Dunn, a Eugene middle-schooler, could be found at the base of the mountain lying on her side in a snowbank, her palms folded against one another.
In addition the perimeter of the stadium floor will be dressed to look like a snowbank.
A big snowbank has enough weight to buckle the wall frame and cave in the whole tent.
As cars head down the slope, they will encounter treacherous turns, a falling snowbank, and a winding road that rims a frozen lake.
Despite more preparation than you'd require for an invasion and a team of excellent engineers from MG Sport, our car slid off the road and ploughed into a snowbank.
Also, when the microbe is in a snowbank and thus illuminated from every direction, it can receive about three times the light that the upper surface of a leaf might get, says Vogelmann.
Woodland Street, disabled motor vehicle in a snowbank.
So they pitched their tent instead alongside a snowbank at Shelter Cove Resort, whose owner had plowed out the campsites.
Resembling a pair of oversized salad tongs with a hemisphere at the end of each arm and made of high-impact, colorful plastic, this ingenious device simply requires plunging into a snowbank and scooping up the proper amount of the white stuff to form the desired ball, utilizing a scissor-like motion.
Or try a scenic drive up 8,322-foot West Mountain (Collier Peak), visible from the train and accessible June through October on Cabarton and Snowbank Mountain roads south of cascade.
The colors blossoming on snowbank surfaces in springtime are just the tip of the life cycle for snow algae.
Industrial Drive, vehicle went off of the road into a snowbank, no injuries.