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covered with snow

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Nikita went to the lighted snow-covered window, in the rays of which flying snow-flakes glittered, and knocked at it with his whip.
Between the Klondike River and Salt Water at Dyea intervened six hundred miles of snow-covered wilderness, and in all that distance there were but two places where Daylight might look forward to meeting men.
One of my companions touched my arm as we swept round the base of a hill and opened up the lofty, snow-covered peak of a mountain, which seemed, as we wound on our serpentine way, to be right before us.
(2007) showed that, the spatial distribution of SWE over a basin can be successfully estimated by merging field measurements of density with remotely sensed snow-covered area.
New details about a snow-covered planet in "Star Wars: Episode 9" and the scenes related to the planet have surfaced online.
'We came here to see the snow-covered mountains and enjoy snow-related fun in Malam Jabba but when we saw the charming views of orchards we decided to spend a day to capture the magical scenes,' said Anees Ahmad and Tauqeer Khan, two tourists from Rawalpindi.
Summary: Bhuntar (Himachal Pradesh), [India] Mar 9 (ANI): The Indian Air Force on Saturday airlifted around 43 people from snow-covered regions of Lahaul-Spiti, an official statement said.
/ AFP / Christof STACHE 4 / 26 A picture of a snow-covered cable car at the Mount Hermon ski resort, in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, on January 10, 2019.
Since it was launched on the 16 th of December last year, the winter installment completely transports visitors to snow-covered dreamscape, providing an exceptional experience filled inspired moments to remember.
KARACHI -- While the northern areas of Pakistan are already enjoying festivity of various winter sports activities, the sportsmen of the areas have decided not to stop despite difficult weather conditions and have opted to participate in a football tournament on snow-covered field.
SWAT -- A man was killed while five other injured when a van skidded off on snow-covered road here on Tuesday.
TIMERGARA -- Local tourists on Sunday thronged the scenic snow-covered Laram Top in Adenzai after heavy snowfall on Friday and Saturday.
Maria, meanwhile, found beauty in their snow-covered surroundings.
Considering the actual vastness, distant nature as well as brutal climatic conditions from the snow-covered places, remote sensing is probably the best instrument with regard to extensive as well as repeated research of those places within a relatively inexpensive way (Arora et al., 2011).