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Synonyms for snow-blind

affect with snow blindness

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temporarily blinded by exposure to light reflected from snow or ice


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Don't let your camera go snow-blind Most light meters are averaging meters: they collect all the light in a scene, then give the proper exposure for the middle shades.
When Messner came down from the summit, he was in a terrible state, exhausted and snow-blind. After helping the two climbers and filming their descent, I was in two minds as to whether I should make my own summit attempt.
It's hardly any wonder they haven't got much time for their patients, who this weekend included a cake-maker who used so much icing sugar she was snow-blind and an animal liberation activist who mistakenly blew up a vet.
On this Valentine's Day, coming as it does at the end of Fashion Week in snow-blinded New York, here is a memory of fashion giant Halston.