snow line

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the line on a mountain above which there is perpetual snow and ice

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I prefer a hard winter to keep geese staging on a snow line," Vandemore says.
The region in the protoplanetary disc where water transitions between the gas and solid phases is known as the water snow line.
Encircling the inner edge of the snow line was a belt of asteroids that included a large one called Vesta.
aPeople would ski out to the snow line where the taxis would be waiting.
Under a glorious blue sky and with a backdrop of stunning views, Holm-firth Vineyard's general manager and winemaker Luke Tankard explained the ins and outs of producing wine on the Pennine snow line.
Outside of the snow line, water condenses into ice grains that stick together to build gas giant planets.
The deepest water wells go down to the bottom of the summer snow line, say 3-400 metres below the summit.
Planets forming outside the snow line, where molecules such as water and carbon monoxide condense into solid ice grains, might incorporate less of these molecules into their gaseous envelopes than planets that form inside the snow line.
Apart from the problem that the soles frequently came away from the uppers, all of the climbers found the boots cold and unsuitable for use above the snow line and had to resort to their high-altitude boots much lower down the mountain than intended to avoid getting frozen feet.
Tow Law is above the snow line and freezing cold in August
For the stone facade, 16 LED 30 deg fixtures (Lumenpulse) were semi-recessed to protrude above the typical snow line that exists during the winter.
Carbon dating of moss entombed in Baffin's ice revealed two sudden advances of the snow line that killed off the vegetation: a cold spell that started between 1275 and 1300, followed by another between 1430 and 1455.
The snow line and ice gullies were in touching distance.