snow job

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a long and elaborate misrepresentation

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Just try persuading the taxman to wait seven years for his lucre or giving the Vatman some snow job about a cheque post-dated for seven years hence.
Last month, the New York Times cited the melting of the snow of Mount Kilimanjaro as proof, only to learn that it too was a snow job.
But she doesn't let icy temperatures give her workout a snow job.
s own historical review panel called its commitment to openness "a brilliant public relations snow job.
But unlike Sugar-Groove he is a demagogue and cult leader, and abuses his community, pulling a snow job on his people in the name of his own primacy.
Just like you -- at one time or another -- the judge has attempted a snow job on another judge just like you're attempting.
When such figures are missing, we detect a snow job is coming.
A snow job in a hot place" is how Fuhrmann characterized Rosewood's four-year courtship of Hana.
But now the depressing economic fallout from this snow job is being felt by the teachers at AMSA and at many other charter schools across the state.
ARCH-RIVAL: Fergie and Kenny have history HAPPY LANDING Dalglish arrives at Manchester airport last night after cutting short his cruise to take charge of Liverpool - who go to Old Trafford in the FA Cup today SNOW JOB TO NO JOB: Hodgson was on the slippery slope out of Anfield when he took training on Friday
My next, Snow Job, due out from M&S next year, will be a political thriller set in Ottawa (rendition, the politics of Big Oil).
However, skimming through the sequel might give W pause about the environment, for the EPA has no VOOM (foolproof cleaner-upper) for a snow job.
This is a snow job of Himalayan proportions- ON HUTTON REPORT WHITEWASH
Iacocca's snow job underscored the urgent need for more public examination of the centennial restoration effort.
But the weather has cooperated perfectly for this snow job of a selection process, which is bogus for two reason: