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a long and elaborate misrepresentation

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DEVERELL'S LATEST Arthur Beauchamp novel, Snow Job, manages to combine a devilish plot, the usual cast of BC's Garibaldi Island's outlandish local characters, biting political satire, espionage and some attention to the environment and ecological imperialism.
What appears to be a snow job, a cover up, or a lengthy exposition of jargon to a lay audience is usually a reflection of trying to satisfy the paradigms of their discipline.
He claimed that the Secret Service name for Bush's new press secretary is "Snow Job."
"Tony has chilled the White House press corps, and that is some snow job
entitled "The Snowball Earth: A Neoproterozoic Snow Job"!
* Museum & Cultural Institutions Council: "The Buzzword Blizzard--Shorthand or Snow Job?"
In hindsight, it was clear that Knight Fellows in 2002 got a double snow job: One from Mother Nature and one from a senior Justice Department staffer.
This fun article describes Ed Adams's avalanche research at Montana State University: "A Snow Job," People, January 12, 2004.
But what he says is no snow job. The results are proof enough of that.
As for the wine claims: "The wine people have done a major snow job" in peddling the notion that wine is superior to beer or spirits, he says.
SNOW JOB, Less than two years after a coalition of environmental and Native American activists kept a pumice mine off Arizona's San Francisco Peaks, another proposal threatens to befoul the mountains, considered sacred by many tribes.
ANOTHER SNOW JOB IN TOKYO (The Australian Financial Review, Sydney)
Just try persuading the taxman to wait seven years for his lucre or giving the Vatman some snow job about a cheque post-dated for seven years hence.
Last month, the New York Times cited the melting of the snow of Mount Kilimanjaro as proof, only to learn that it too was a snow job. March 17