snow gum

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small to medium-sized tree of Australia and Tasmania having smooth white to light-grey bark shedding in patches or strips

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Subalpine Snow Gum woodland does not support Koalas or possums, partly due to a tendency for Snow Gum not to form tree hollows large enough for possums at such high elevations and for snow cover to inhibit animal movement (J Morgan, pers.
Te Briars Wildlife Tree canopy damage and loss (Narrow-leaf Sanctuary Mount Martha Peppermint, Swamp Gum, Snow Gum, 95 ha while Manna Gum has possum sensitive Mornington Peninsula and resistant forms as elsewhere, several Shire Grassy Woodland large trees saved by possum bands); heavily grazed ground layer, orchid loss (author, pers.
niphophila - snow gum. Not does it retain the classic grey-leaves of eucalyptus throughout four seasons, it also features patchwork quilt of bark with silver, cream and Eucalyptus trees enjoy water, plenty of sun and sheltered spot to look Smaller griseum maximum metres eight tree addition smaller gardens.
Thus, while recognizing that many parameters covary with irradiance, the study used a simplified system to test for effects of excess irradiance on growth of over-wintering snow gum seedlings under field conditions.
Our results show that reduction in excess irradiance increases growth of snow gum seedlings over winter.
(1997) imposed treatments that varied minimum air temperature by as much as 2[degrees]C with no effect on maximum air temperature around snow gum seedlings grown in full sunlight under field conditions.
Thus, the vertically inclined leaves of snow gum seedlings experienced more prolonged exposure to higher irradiance in winter than autumn.
(1998) found growth of the most photoinhibited snow gum seedlings planted in the open to be greater over winter than growth of the least photoinhibited seedlings planted under the dense canopy shade of forest fragments.
Microclimate above grass adversely affects spring growth of seedling snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora).
Cold-induced photoinhibition limits regeneration of snow gum at tree line.
Cold-induced photoinhibition and growth of seedling snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) under differing temperature and radiation regimes in fragmented forests.
Effect of elevated [[CO.sub.2]] on photosynthesis and growth of snow gum (Eucalyptus pauciflora) during Winter and spring.
For a species associated with the sun burnt expanses of Australia, the Snow Gum is not happy in dry, chalky conditions, preferring most well-drained soils.
It marked the first major action under the Kosciusko to Coast reconnection project, which will create a wildlife corridor linking the snow gums to the sea.