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chain attached to wheels to increase traction on ice or snow


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Thule Group AB (STO:THULE) announced on Wednesday that it is possible that the earn out amount in connection with divestment of its former Snow Chain division will not be paid, as conditions have not been met.
In addition, following the divestment of the snow chain operations in the third quarter and given the company's strong financial performance during the year, the company's board has chosen to raise the long-term target for the underlying EBIT margin to 17%, as compared with the prior target of 15%.
With the latest range of Bentley approved winter tyres, socks and snow chains, they will be equipped to handle the very worst winter conditions, whether driving through heavy snow, on compacted ice or in freezing rain.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of snow chains for various tyre sizes
Snow chains and other safety travel items are a legal requirement in the Alps.
British motorists are breaking the law by not carrying snow chains when they visit French ski resorts.
But I was sorry he did not mention that twenty-odd years ago snow chains would have been readily available to most transport providers and private motorists.
Limited Tenders are invited for Supply Of Snow Chain Of Various Sizes
Car Parts Direct sell an insurance-approved Snow Chain Kit - which can be used abroad, too - for maximum grip in snow.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement Of Snow Chain ( 07 Lines)
However, Snow Chains remain a core business division within the Thule Group and we are determined to grow the business in the future," Petterson concluded.
BRITISH skiers whose cars are not equipped with snow chains when they arrive at French and Swiss resorts this winter will be refused entry and fined.
For starters, everybody should, by law, have to carry snow chains in their car for the unexpected showers.
And, remember, make sure your car can cope with extreme winter conditions - always also carry a warning triangle, first aid kit, spare bulbs and snow chains.
Due to the continuing wintry weather, all roads leading to Troodos and the road Pedoulas -- Pinewood -- Kakopetria are open only for vehicles with snow chains or four-wheel drives, police announced on Tuesday morning.