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At least three areas are important for future research on Snow Bunting song: (1) Although we have demonstrated that songs contain individually distinctive features, playback studies will be required to confirm that Snow Buntings use this information to distinguish between individuals, possibly using neighbor-stranger discrimination experiments (as in Brooks and Falls 1975, for example).
BIRDWATCHERS have been flocking to the sands off Pembrey Country Park following sightings of an arctic skua and snow buntings.
Goat kids Hop, Henna, Peach, Snow Bunting, Reed Bunting, Lemon and Lime are all cute additions to the Hillfields farm, weighing in last week.
Clad in kilts, sporrans and bobble hats, guides Donald and Andy drive through woods and forests to bring grouse, red deer, blue hare and snow bunting all within arm's reach.
Growth rate and development of endothermy in the Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis) and the Lapland Longspur (Calcarius lapponieus) at Barrow, Alaska.
Come-from-behind performer Snow Bunting has been a grand servant to Jedd O'Keeffe, and I can't see the trainer persevering with the horse at the age of nine unless he was pretty confident he still had another success in him.
Snow Bunting stands out in his division of the Tips Online From Insideracing.
A Twite flew past Anglesey's Point Lynas, Lapland Buntings were at RSPB South Stack and the Little Orme; a Snow Bunting was at Llanddulas, where three Surf Scoters joined the 1000-strong flock of Common Scoters.
Clockwise from the top right corner are a stunning close up of a swan sent in anonymously, a snow bunting perched on a rock by Anglesonian and Sharon Jones-Williams great snap of a heron among the reeds.
Furthermore, the percentage of accounts reporting multiple individuals snow bathing is likely a low estimate, because four of six accounts that failed to comment on social context were for species often occurring in groups (Willow Ptarmigan [Lagopus lagopus], Dark-eyed Junco [Junco hyemalis], Snow Bunting [Plectrophenax nivalis], Pine Grosbeak).
Ornithologist Janet Davies, 58, had spent a week in Spitzbergen to catch a glimpse of a snow bunting and was stunned on her arrival home.
The atlas shows that UK species such as the Leach's petrel, the Scottish crossbill and the snow bunting face extinction.
In Scotland, the most likely downside is if you continue to get less and less sub-Arctic conditions in the Cairngorms, then you may lose some of the birds, plants and flowers that live and breed up there, like ptarmigan and snow bunting.
The nap vote, however, goes to Snow Bunting in the Harry Redknapp Apprentice Handicap, the last race on what looks a competitive card at Newmarket's July course.