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a machine that removes snow by scooping it up and throwing it forcefully through a chute


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[ClickPress, Wed Feb 20 2019] Most snow blower, lawn tractor or lawn mover repairs or maintenance can require a two to three week waiting period.
Michael McCaul of Austin and Jeb Hensarling of Dallas are also in the snow blower, no doubt inspiring the dreams and ambitions of ambitious politicos in their home districts.
Given the winter we've had, it's easy to sympathize with someone whose snow blower was out of commission.
Never stick your hands or feet in the snow blower. If snow becomes impacted, stop the engine and wait at least five seconds.
How many snow blowers could be bought for one set of traffic lights?
Working alongside the neighbourhood team and the highways section who provide snow shovels, hats and highvisibility vests, the hand-operated snow blower, the first in the city, will clear communal areas.
WALK-BEHIND SNOW BLOWER. This big brother to the snow thrower is designed to move more snow faster.
"But don't expect it to replace a two-stage, six-horsepower snow blower."
Burglary suspect Michael Brian Myers, who stands accused of stealing a snow blower in the middle of a heat wave, briefly escaped the custody of sheriff's deputies Saturday morning in Maryland before authorities recaptured him.
The Lloydminster Municipal Airport, through the government's Airports Capital Assistance Program, is receiving CDN 226,510 for the replacement of a towed runway sweeper and CDN 311,896 for the replacement of a front-end loader and a loader-mounted snow blower.
"The mild weather has delayed the traditional snow blower and snow shoveling injuries, but the Christmas and New Year holidays still bring in falls from ladders, electrical outlet zaps and alcohol-fueled everything," he stated.
The suspects stole a truck from the same location and took 17 appliances including dishwashers, washers, dryers, fridges, stoves, a gas-powered weed whacker and a small snow blower.
The new Folding Frame Sno Wovel is the only human-powered snow-removal device that performs equal to or better than a snow blower. No fuel, fumes, or deafening noise is present to harm the environment or the operator.
TRACMASTER offers the BCS Crusader Snow Clearing range consisting of two power units - the BCS 615L & the BCS 630 - and four different attachments: a snow blower, snow plough, power brush and spreader.