snow bank

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a mound or heap of snow


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Seventy-five percent of the sticking incidents were caused by snow banks, 17% of them resulted from the snow-covered surface, and the remainder were from dry pavement and grass.
And he started the final leg in sixth, but on stage 18 of 24 the Dungannon driver's Citroen DS3 was stuck in a snow bank for several minutes.
After starting the day in sixth position, Kris Meeke lost seven minutes when he went off and got stuck in a snow bank on special stage 18.
The truck came to rest with the cab in the snow bank and the back tires of the trailer on the road at the edge of a 600-foot drop.
The court sent cars to pick up the justices, but Justice David Souter drove his own car, got stuck in a snow bank and had to be rescued by Supreme Court police.
He says that by creating an obstacle with the help of a gabion to partially stop but mostly diverting the flow to the suitable place or the man built reservoir, a fair portion of the snow sheet can be retained to be covered by the local communities with hay stock and timber wood powder, as the snow bank, that would continued to melt slowly to irrigate the fertile mountain slopes in the sub alpine zone and above the village irrigation net work.
After the CFI applied right brake to slow the airplane's departure from the runway, the airplane pitched over on its nose, then over onto its back, coming to rest in a snow bank bordering the runway.
I loaded the P-07, taped the muzzle, and dropped it in the nearest snow bank.
A bad second stage, when we got grounded on a snow bank, kept us out of the top 10 but that was immaterial to me.
A snow bank is an effective way to explain and illustrate stratigraphy and time; it presents an opportunity to run long or short, natural or artificial experiments.
John Green continues with a group of friends trying to get to the diner to interact with the cheerleaders in a small Honda, which winds up in a snow bank.
Frenchman Loeb was in third place in the overall event standings when he crashed into a snow bank and got stuck on stage 12 near the Winter Olympics city of Lillehammer.
Petter Solberg's crash while third on Saturday had left team-mate Chris Atkinson driving the only remaining Subaru, but the Australian threw away fifth place when he clipped a snow bank and his car suffered suspension and driveshaft damage.
Or, as is said about all-wheel drive on an icy road, it allows you to go that much faster before finally leaving the road and thus ending up deeper into the snow bank.
Joe works on getting the Delta out of the snow bank, but the more he guns the engine, the deeper the big fat tire spins into the snow.