snow bank

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a mound or heap of snow


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After a few seconds a snow bank fell on the area where the men had been.
Were it not for an encounter with the snow banks through the second pass of Rojden (SS8) which cost them almost two minutes to the leading pack, they would have been within sight of a podium position.
But his fall was cushioned by a huge snow bank and he suffered fractures to his pelvis, legs and back.
This sparkling new civic center, known as the Palindrome, lies in the heart of downtown Juneau on Kayak Street across from the headquarters of Snow Bank.
A bad second stage, when we got grounded on a snow bank, kept us out of the top 10 but that was immaterial to me.
A snow bank is an effective way to explain and illustrate stratigraphy and time; it presents an opportunity to run long or short, natural or artificial experiments.
John Green continues with a group of friends trying to get to the diner to interact with the cheerleaders in a small Honda, which winds up in a snow bank.
Loeb, competing in his 100th WRC event, said: "I was on a left-hand corner and tucked the front wheel a little too much into the snow bank.
Frenchman Loeb was in third place in the overall event standings when he crashed into a snow bank and got stuck on stage 12 near the Winter Olympics city of Lillehammer.
But I knew it was out there, empty and waiting only for daylight, and I felt compelled to throw myself into the nearest snow bank to make an enthusiastic assortment of snow angels in an act of wordless thanksgiving.
In 2003, he scored, ran to a snow bank behind the end zone and pulled out a sign which read: "Dear NFL, please don't fine me again
The glacier-carved cliffs, the snow bank in summer, the elevation at 11,000 feet with very little vegetation.
The force propelled the car upward onto a snow bank (you gotta love Michigan winters--the roads have 3-foot slush piles next to them like six months out of the year) so instead of going through the windshield, my face smashed the dash.
Burns lost time yesterday when he stuffed his thirdplaced Peugeot into a snow bank and dropped to the foot of the top 20.
They used the white paint first to paint a snow bank on the bottom of their papers.