snow bank

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a mound or heap of snow


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Like that driver who gets stuck in a snow bank and lets rip on the accelerator but just spins their tires and digs a deeper hole, education turnaround efforts for low-performing schools seem stuck.
And then we just kept watching TV and they had said we had hit a snow bank," passenger Sharon Brumly said.
For each sticking incident, they noted whether the cane got stuck on the snowy surface, snow bank, dry pavement, or grass.
Mass Live News would later report that the brothers had been drinking and had gotten their car stuck in a snow bank right in front of the house before the crime.
It's empirical information because we know a horse can stand all day in a snow bank and not get frozen feet, whereas if you or I stood in a snow bank, we'd have frozen feet pretty quickly.
--If you end up stuck in a snow bank or otherwise run into trouble this winter, it's important to have an emergency kit within arm's reach.
Pack an emergency kit--If you end up stuck in a snow bank or otherwise run into trouble this winter, it's important to have an emergency kit within arm's reach.
"There was a turn in the road ahead of him, but he was jackknifed and slid right over the edge of the road and hit a snow bank," Barber explained.
And he started the final leg in sixth, but on stage 18 of 24 the Dungannon driver's Citroen DS3 was stuck in a snow bank for several minutes.
The court sent cars to pick up the justices, but Justice David Souter drove his own car, got stuck in a snow bank and had to be rescued by Supreme Court police.
He says that by creating an obstacle with the help of a gabion to partially stop but mostly diverting the flow to the suitable place or the man built reservoir, a fair portion of the snow sheet can be retained to be covered by the local communities with hay stock and timber wood powder, as the snow bank, that would continued to melt slowly to irrigate the fertile mountain slopes in the sub alpine zone and above the village irrigation net work.
I loaded the P-07, taped the muzzle, and dropped it in the nearest snow bank. Frankly, it didn't look like much of a test, so I laid it in a mud puddle and kicked mud over it.
"A bad second stage, when we got grounded on a snow bank, kept us out of the top 10 but that was immaterial to me.
Snow bank stratigraphy, sidewalk sedimentology and dozens of other processes and features found in the neighbourhood probably would not inspire a senior citizen bur it may be just the thing to arouse the curiosity and inspire a grade school student, especially if the experiment takes place right outside their home or school.
John Green continues with a group of friends trying to get to the diner to interact with the cheerleaders in a small Honda, which winds up in a snow bank. Lauren Myracle ends the tale, tying it all together with a sweet love story.