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small weevil having a prolonged snout

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To this effect, it has become pertinent to investigate the infestation effect of Dermestes maculatus on the nutritional composition of two selected edible insects Oryctes boas and Rhynchophorus phoenics larvae, commonly known as Rhinocerous beetle larvae and Snout beetle larvae, respectively, having been observed to be a major source of protein like fish and other animal meat.
The effects of three species of eucalyptus on growth and fecundity of the eucalypts snout beetle (Gonipterus scutellatus).
Army Corps of Engineers released the small Australian snout beetle (Oxyops vitiosa) in areas infested with heavy growths of melaleuca.
"We'll probably begin at sites where the melaleuca leaf weevil--also known as the melaleuca snout beetle or Oxyops vitiosa--isn't living, so we can evaluate these biological control agents independently of one another," says Center.
Curiously, a YouTube channel went to street with the question 'azadi kahan milegi' (where can we find our freedom?) on the day when the Indian scoreboard looked like a coconut palm at its final phase of wilting from a Red Palm Weevil attack (For those uninitiated in the pain of coconut cultivation, the snout beetles transform the leaves and soft tissues in the crown into a slimy mass that emits a foul smell before the entire crown collapses and the palm dies).
Observers have watched the birds hop along tree limbs, tearing apart epiphytes and loose bark with their finchlike bills in search of snout beetles, spiders and other invertebrate prey.