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Synonyms for snout

Synonyms for snout

the structure on the human face that contains the nostrils and organs of smell and forms the beginning of the respiratory tract

Synonyms for snout

a long projecting or anterior elongation of an animal's head

beaklike projection of the anterior part of the head of certain insects such as e


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As they ran, their arms turned into legs, their faces lengthened into snouts and their backs became covered with long gray hairs.
Experts used advanced X-ray and 3D imaging techniques at the University's Eeo-VIS X-Ray Imaging Centre to look inside the fossilised skull of Neovenator salerii - a large carnivorous land-based dinosaur found on the Isle of Wight - and found evidence that it possessed an extremely sensitive snout of a kind previously only associated with aquatic feeders.
T-rex's snout was covered with nerve openings known as foramina, making the hard surface as sensitive to touch as a human fingertip.
Lightly draw two circles that will become the head and snout of the dragon.
The movement helps tear open the hole, but an embryo's snout probably secretes a chemical that actually does the breaking.
Tenders are invited for Parker Make O-Ring Snout Clamping Setting Tool And Parker Make Back-Up Ring For Fm Snout Clamping Setting Tool
Robert Haughton, 72, hit the croc on the snout when it was less than 18 inches from him.
Let us start by saying that according to CEDEL and ODEE, the 13th century snout and the 14th century snot are very close etymologically.
We are now coming to the end of section one, over Maize Beck Footbridge, past Moss Shop lead workings, over the Grain Beck bridge to Birkdale Footbridge between Cow Green Dam and Cauldron Snout waterfall.
Welcoming Snorbit, Supernose, Astrosnort, Snotty Professor, Nosebot, Karate Konk, Snout Dracula, Snortel and Stripey.
The Alaska Dispatch News reports that the three Matanuska-Susitna Borough residents spotted the animal's snout sticking out of the snow and used shovels to free the moose.
We pull it up, watching the snout and flop it in the dishpan.
Compress 30 times in 15 to 18 seconds and then breathe two short breaths into the cat's snout.
Snout length is the distance from the snout tip to the anterior edge of the mouth.
During the five-hour surgery undertaken by UC Davis doctors Boaz Arzi, Frank Verstraete, Bill Culp, and Amy Fulton, Kabang's wound from the loss of her upper snout during the 2011 incident was closed "with skin flaps pulled from the top and sides of her head.