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Synonyms for snotty-nosed

marked by casual disrespect

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"We are snotty-nosed kids coming up from the Championship.
He added: "We are snotty-nosed kids coming up from the Championship.
Farfal dismissed a media storm at the time as "absurd," saying he was "a snotty-nosed kid who let his name be used." But the stink is not going away.
Myself, Barnsie and his lovely wife Andrea were shrieking like kids, whooping and hollering.From that day on, at least for the next few days, please donCOt refer to me as the usual, snotty-nosed Rob McCaffrey, scruffy kid from Liverpool.
Mom, dad and seven snotty-nosed kids came last year and gave us nits.
"Erotic fantasy" - Outgoing Russian President Vladimir Putin's rejection of newspaper stories, written by "snotty-nosed"
Anyway, as R Thornton sent the animal into a furious share of the lead, the momentum behind the cheering grew, to the extent that grown men were joining in quite randomly and I found myself wanting it to win, just to see what snotty-nosed carnage would ensue.
"Now, instead of this snotty-nosed little girl making Nigel's tea, she was trying to seduce him and get him in his Y-fronts."
A FIRM started by two "snotty-nosed kids" from Coventry is celebrating a pounds 50,000 expansion and has boosted its turnover to almost pounds 1.5 million.
But even as a snotty-nosed 15-year-old, I learned a lesson back then that seems to be beyond the comprehension of the man who earns almost pounds 5million to manage England these days - that you build a team around your best player.
Or the mother with droopy tits and snotty-nosed kids
"I thought it was an original thought -- Rick Laliberte, snotty-nosed kid from Beaver River, had a good idea.
There's something a bit pat about Turnley's photographs too, as in the image of a snotty-nosed little black boy clutching a loaf of bread beneath a cigarette advertisement proclaiming " great." It doesn't seem to matter, though, for with their compositional flair and rich coloring, the photographs are full sensory experiences.
I can never recall any ice cream van, recently or in my distant childhood, ever stopping their chimes until every snotty-nosed bairn within earshot had pestered the living tar out of their parents for the money to buy a '99' or an orange Mivvi.
But while many may associate Eton with snotty-nosed rich kids, a group of sixth formers have set out to prove that it doesn't actually take itself too seriously.