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Synonyms for snotty-nosed

marked by casual disrespect

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The caption reads: "Jumped and sat on by snotty-nosed kids, flashbulbs continually going off in your face, chainstore window fronts as your only view, periodically scratched and cr***ed on from on high, sold as a postcard in city centre newskiosks.
When I first pitched up in the main ring, standing on my grandad's hod struggling to straighten the money (yes, bookies used to take a few quid in those days) as a snotty-nosed schoolboy, I probably didn't make the best of impressions on the immaculate TM and his host of well-heeled punters.
He added: "We are snotty-nosed kids coming up from the Championship.
Farfal dismissed a media storm at the time as "absurd," saying he was "a snotty-nosed kid who let his name be used.
A snotty-nosed girl was grinding corn in an ancient quern while her mother cooked unleavened bread over a camel-dung fire.
From that day on, at least for the next few days, please donCOt refer to me as the usual, snotty-nosed Rob McCaffrey, scruffy kid from Liverpool.
Mom, dad and seven snotty-nosed kids came last year and gave us nits.
Now, instead of this snotty-nosed little girl making Nigel's tea, she was trying to seduce him and get him in his Y-fronts.
Mr Adams said: "I suppose you could say that we haven't done too badly for two snotty-nosed kids from Coundon Court.
But even as a snotty-nosed 15-year-old, I learned a lesson back then that seems to be beyond the comprehension of the man who earns almost pounds 5million to manage England these days - that you build a team around your best player.
Or the mother with droopy tits and snotty-nosed kids
I thought it was an original thought -- Rick Laliberte, snotty-nosed kid from Beaver River, had a good idea.
There's something a bit pat about Turnley's photographs too, as in the image of a snotty-nosed little black boy clutching a loaf of bread beneath a cigarette advertisement proclaiming "Life.
I can never recall any ice cream van, recently or in my distant childhood, ever stopping their chimes until every snotty-nosed bairn within earshot had pestered the living tar out of their parents for the money to buy a '99' or an orange Mivvi.