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Synonyms for snotty

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

dirty with nasal discharge


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33 From Skinny Walter's head was now deep inside his jumper and Snotty Harry thought his knees would be knocked senseless if he didn't gain some sort of control.
Davies presents Snotty as a mysterious work that was delivered to Exterminating Angel Press by owl.
Snotty noses are going to be around as long as there are little children.
The senior Thackeray took him to task in his statement calling him a snotty boy who kept wiping his nose with his shirt.
35am, when my two-year-old son, as equally snotty as his big sister, started shouting, "Ow, daddy, ow.
I talked to a few folks who I think knew what they were talking about and they were not snotty about it, and willing to listen and willing to learn--but only a few.
Kirk said: "We just had a horse with a snotty nose and some glands were up.
Snotty But clearly local authorities must not repeat the past mistakes of the financial institutions.
On their snotty and exuberant debut, the Hands play classic bad-boy rock and roll, acting like sketchy guys who want nothing more than to drink all your booze and trash the furniture.
We even wrote songs about God and the nature of existence (albeit from the perspective of under-educated, surly, snotty teenage punks).
Less than two months after embarrassing itself by running a snotty piece by Robin Givhan ridiculing Harriet Miers's clothes and makeup, The Washington Post's Style desk turned Givhan loose on Martha Ann Alito.
So the next time some Canadian gets snotty about horrible U.
Potiphar got the first house blessing when he took in Joseph, who had been sold to the Egyptian by his snotty brothers (Gen.
Senators, they at least bother to respond, snotty or not.
And even if they do, I'm pretty damn sure they don't have a classically trained vert skater (who also owns a Banana Farm) serving as the MC, which might actually be OK because when the announcer starts saying shit like "switch nollie" the younger kids tend to get a little snotty.