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Synonyms for snotty

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

dirty with nasal discharge


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I'd just changed agents and I'd said rather snottily that I didn't want to be writing anyone else's television shows, I wanted to be creating my own," says Shearman, who is giving a reading of his new collection of short stories, Love Songs for the Shy and Cynical, on Saturday as part of Liverpool's Writing on the Wall festival.
2) At a professional meeting, we overheard two organizing honchos snottily say that all vegetarians look alike, unaware they were looking at two sisters whose nametags displayed their married names.
My Asian girlfriends and I spent our college years snottily rejecting the few white men who came around as "rice lovers.
When I said I could actually afford dinner, I was told, again very snottily, 'Dinner doesn't start until 6.
The premise deals with the various employees of the snottily rich Ridgeway clan, centering principally on maid Maria (Camille Guaty), who grew up with the family and is trying to claw her way out of debt in order to pursue loftier ambitions.
The kid poked out his neck, glared at Mills and said, snottily, "Go Ducks