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a person regarded as arrogant and annoying

nasal mucus

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Describe a situation that might lead to brown snot.
It seems to be a blow against motherhood to just let the snot cake up and then gently soak it off before naps and bedtimes.
He said: "I really enjoyed making the slime and couldn't believe it when the explainer said we swallow two pints of snot each day ( it's disgusting
I began looking for a place to sit and found that the seats were covered in snot rockets and several other gooey substances of different consistencies.
This 500-kilo wall of rippling muscle, snorting snot and curved horns plows toward the diminutive man dressed in a bright white traje de luces, a skin-tight costume festooned with silk and sequins and virtually unchanged since the 17th century.
But Snot fans will no doubt be happy to learn that Hip-O Records has released this live recording of a performance in May 1998 at the Palace in Hollywood.
org) visitors can learn about the exhibit, peruse Grossology in the News, savor gross recipes (Blood Soup, Fake Snot, etc.
Other candidates: blobject (19), a product like the iMac with curvilinear design; dot snot (12), a young dot-com millionaire; megawatt laundering (5), interstate buying and selling of electricity to avoid state price controls; Sore Loserman (5), respelling of Gore-Lieberman campaign poster; and Nadertrader or Nader traitor (5), a supporter of Ralph Nader in a state with a close race between Gore and Bush who would vote for Gore in return for a Gore supporter supporter in another state voting for Nader.
And you guys made ReNee sound like a total snot, when in reality she's a nice girl.
Harron houses the story of Patrick Bateman's transformation from Wall Street snot to frighteningly wacked serial killer in a linear strobe of period lofts, clubs, and restaurants, all lit to make the actors look alternately like products in a showroom or mock-debauchees in a Helmut Newton ad.
Then comes the first scene, in which the director of the rest of the film, Danny DeVito, puts the handkerchief to use, in effect smearing snot all over the audience--which is pretty much what he does for the following two hours as well.
Producing green phlegm or snot is not always a sign of a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics to get better.
Your body can usually fight these infections on its own | Antibiotics can also cause side effects such as rashes, stomach pains and reactions to sunlight | Producing green phlegm or snot is not always a sign of a bacterial infection that requires antibiotics to get better | Most infections that result in you producing lots of phlegm or snot are viral illnesses and will get better on their own, although you can expect to feel poorly for a few weeks
The symptoms of nasal obstruction, headache, sneezing, nasal discharge and pain were assessed on the basis of SNOT scoring system.