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Synonyms for snorting

an act of forcible exhalation

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Williams said that he had not made pig snorting noises and did not know what religion Mr Hannah was.
The middle school sent out letters to all parents of students telling them about the trend, and warning that snorting Smarties could cause nasal problems, lung irritation, allergic reactions and possible infestations of nasal maggots.
Surprisingly, snorting does not always occur because a deer detects the presence of a human.
He described mixing the cremated remains with cocaine and snorting them during a drugs bender.
The pictures show a number of young men, said to be squaddies from the 1st Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland: the Royal Scots and Kings Own Scottish Borderers, snorting white powder from a CD case.
The TV favourite's future was in doubt after a Sunday newspaper printed pictures alleging to show the 45-year-old actor snorting cocaine.
The day after she first smoked heroin, Judy found herself snorting white lines of the drug with her boyfriend.
3) Street cocaine is ingested by intranasal snorting, free-base smoking, and intravenous injection.
If you don't know by now, condom snorting -- yes you heard right 6 has become the latest trend on YouTube with videos featuring kids inhaling condoms into their noses and pulling them out of their mouths as part of a "condom challenge.
Drug addicts use the toilet tops to put out lines of coke for snorting.
Not only does the oil-based spray loosen screws, it is now claimed it stops drug users snorting coke from flat surfaces, including toilet seats, toilet seat covers and cisterns.
5 Snorting the drug __________ can eat away the cartilage that divides the nose.
Some were cocaine users attracted to reports that snorting crack was safer than snorting cocaine hydrochloride powder, while others were elderly people seeking relief from arthritis or depression.