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Synonyms for snorting

an act of forcible exhalation

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The judge added: "The defendant was in such a postion of responsibilty and trust when it comes to [the victim] and the fact he first of all is snorting drugs off the table when [the victim] is present and then taking his medication away, which medics have said had a huge impact on him, I'm sending this to the crown court for sentence."
Williams said that he had not made pig snorting noises and did not know what religion Mr Hannah was.
We don't know who came up with the idea of crushing them into powder and snorting them--or if it even works in getting someone stoned--but when the practice became widespread, parents and school officials sat up and took notice.
Gallagher was soon after booted out of the pub and was barred from entering, after being accused of snorting cocaine off the toilet seat.
The police said two young Arab men were snorting the liquid gas in their car when it caught fire.
He said: "It has an image from Banksy graffiti of a police officer snorting a yellow line."
Using a euro note, tattooed Pritchard started snorting it up his nose, tapping his nostrils and laughing as he did so.
If it fails, the doe usually runs back the way it came and stops snorting. However, more often than not, the doe is satisfied knowing where I am and will usually get past me without further harassment.
By snorting at a cat who thinks it's hidden in the grass, an antelope says, "I see you predator.
The 28-year-old, who is originally from Warrington, attended Wilmslow police station for talks with officers after she was filmed snorting the Class A drug by a Sunday newspaper.
I DON'T understand all the fuss about Keith Richards apparently snorting his dad's ashes.
Rolling Stone Keith Richards's account of snorting his father's ashes was "lost in translation", the rocker claimed today.
Video footage of the alleged cocaine snorting is to be shown in a Sky One documentary tomorrow night
People were snorting cocaine off the lid of a toilet?