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Synonyms for snorkel

breathing device consisting of a bent tube fitting into a swimmer's mouth and extending above the surface

air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes

dive with a snorkel

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However, he stressed that more big snorkels are needed in Karachi to make the fire brigade more efficient.
Director General, Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122) Brig (retd) Dr Arshad Zia and Director General Emergency Services Academy Brig A(r) Amir Hamza personally supervised the training session and witnessed working of snorkels.
He added: "At the moment bathtime is quite painful but I imagine as he gets a little bit older donning a snorkel and mask might calm him down.
They urge KMC to increase the budget to acquire more fire tenders, snorkels and other equipment for better working.
The Rukse Jeep snorkels help improve the off-roading capability of your rig.
Initial plans to scrap U-534 were dropped because of mounting losses - more than 80 U-boats had been sunk during the summer of 1944 - and U-534 was fitted with a snorkel.
Those who had signed up to snorkel sans wet suit included English, Irish, Spanish and Kiwi backbackers.
Competitors must wear snorkels and flippers, and lifting of the head is only allowed for orientation purposes.
The event attracts more than 100 competitors from all over the world to complete two lengths of a 60-yard trench cut through the peat bog in the quickest time possible, wearing snorkels and flippers but without using conventional swimming strokes.
Competitors have to cycle two lengths of the bog underwater using snorkels and flippers while riding specially-prepared mountain bikes, with the tyres filled with lead and water.
Yanks, New Zealanders, Aussies and Finns will come with their snorkels, goggles and flippers, each of them bent on completing the 360 feet long, four feet wide, course in the fastest time.
The bony nasal openings high on the skulls of dinosaurs such as Diplodocus were interpreted as snorkels used in deep water.
Each year a few snorkelers drown because they panic when snorkels or masks fill with water.
LAHORE -- Punjab Home Secretary Maj (Retd) Azam Suleman Khan Friday visited Rescue 1122 Headquarters to inspect newly purchased two snorkels to enhance operational capacity of the Emergency Service.