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Synonyms for snorkel

breathing device consisting of a bent tube fitting into a swimmer's mouth and extending above the surface

air passage provided by a retractable device containing intake and exhaust pipes

dive with a snorkel

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Minister Grace said there will also be a consistent safety message for all recreational and at-risk snorkellers, meaning the right safety message will be communicated to them when they leave on their vessel.
BLUE-MIN QUICK Shark darts past snorkeller off Cornwall
In these conditions refraction is reduced and more light will penetrate the surface - ideal conditions for the surface-skimming snorkeller attempting to photograph fish and coral with a basic point-and-shoot waterproof camera.
The Chairman of BSAC, Eugene Farrell, joined Dudley Dolphin divers and snorkellers for the underwater litter pick.
Because of such diversity, it offers something for all levels of snorkellers.
The sport's national governing body represents more than 35,000 snorkellers and scuba divers.
The reef will be used by both divers and snorkellers.
Whale sharks have washed up before on Egypt's Red Sea coast, and snorkellers and divers delight in swimming with the mammoth fish.
Divers and snorkellers can spot spectacular sealife.
Governor Shousha decreed that the divers and snorkellers would be banned from practising the sport off hotels, except for the areas of Neemaa Bay, Nabaq Protectorate, Ras Umm el-Sayyed, el-Qirsh (Shark) Bay, Ras Gamila, and Ras Nassrani.
The shallow subtidal water provides ideal opportunities to students and snorkellers to engage in exciting and significant water investigations.
Those diving took a while longer than us snorkellers but that was great as it gave us chance to wash our hair and clean up in the fantastic onboard showers - I had been expecting a hose pipe but the showers were nicer than my apartment
This is quite a strange incident because normally these type of reef sharks are quite used to snorkellers," he added.
A SPECIAL sporting grant is helping young and old snorkellers take the plunge with Barry Sub Aqua Club.
Minutes after returning to terra firma we were kitted out in snorkelling gear and gliding through the crystal-clear waters just off Hillside's beach amongst a mind-blowing array of brilliantlycoloured fish drifting and darting by, but always eager to pause and pick up small morsels of bread scattered by snorkellers, should you wish to get a closer view of the fascinating marine life.