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skin diving with a snorkel

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The property will sponsor snorkeling fieldtrips to Hanifaru Bay for local students in Baa Atoll with the aim to provide an educational experience about protected marine life in the Baa Atoll.
Snorkeling is an ideal way to connect visitors with the impressive and unique underwater world that is the Galapagos.
Snorkeling is best done close to shore, near reefs, rocks, ledges, and other underwater structures.
The victim said she and her friend were snorkeling with a group of 40 people, and they tried to play with dolphins when the shark appeared to attack someone who pushed it away with his leg, after which she was bitten, the ministry's statement read.
This distinguishes it from other snorkeling and diving sites in the Philippine archipelago,' says Goldman.
Only 23% were satisfied with the overall snorkeling trip at the park.
( ABC News reported that Tom Kennedy, 61, was snorkeling at about 9:35 a.m.
The company offers a variety of ocean tours in Hawaiian waters including sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching and sunset sails.
The grandmother had been on a snorkeling trip, arranged by the hotel, with her daughter, Mr Gupta, Mr Gupta's father and her two young grandchildren, as well as 13 other hotel guests.
A MEDIC has told how she frantically tried to save her mum during a snorkeling trip on a luxury family holiday.
Crater snorkeling and swimming from $11; intro scuba dives from $75; -PETA OWENS-LISTON
A memorial service will be held Monday in Portland for Aryeh Hirschfield, rabbi of Portland's Congregation P'nai Or, who drowned Tuesday while snorkeling in Mexico.
OQYANA World First launches "The World's" first snorkeling lagoon
If you're an outdoors-oriented visitor heading to Hawaii and look forward to snorkeling and hiking, don't go without packing these two 'Trailblazer' Hawaii handbooks from Jerry & Janine Sprout, who have explored the islands together.