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skin diving with a snorkel

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This distinguishes it from other snorkeling and diving sites in the Philippine archipelago,' says Goldman.
The underwater snorkeling adventure offers the opportunity to listen to the parrotfish feeding off the coral, watch schools of vibrantly coloured reef fish swim by and search for sleeping octopuses by the rocks.
Only 23% were satisfied with the overall snorkeling trip at the park.
com/blogs/headlines/2012/12/shark-attack-victim-it-released-me-and-i-started-swimming-as-fast-as-i-could/) ABC News reported that Tom Kennedy, 61, was snorkeling at about 9:35 a.
The company offers a variety of ocean tours in Hawaiian waters including sailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, whale watching and sunset sails.
The grandmother had been on a snorkeling trip, arranged by the hotel, with her daughter, Mr Gupta, Mr Gupta's father and her two young grandchildren, as well as 13 other hotel guests.
Most of the snorkeling that is done is close to shore.
Reef Lagoon' on Great Barrier Island to offer diving and snorkeling among Dubai's coral reefs and underwater sea life
the Kapalua Bay Hotel (Maui) is free for ages five to 16 when accompanied by a paying adult, offering snorkeling, Golf Academy and pineapple picking.
Situated 18 miles north of La Paz, cove-pocked Espiritu Santo can easily be visited on a daylong snorkeling or kayaking trip.
Aerotuy airline offers daily 30-minute flights from Caracas to the island of Gran Roque, and day tours aboard catamarans stop for snorkeling and beach time.
Swimming laps has never been this much fun: the maker of quality goggles and other swimming gear now brings us an FM radio signal in a compact waterproof snorkeling device.
Eventually, paleontologists rejected the idea of such snorkeling because they found that the deep water's pressure would have compressed a dinosaur's throat, cutting off the oxygen supply.
Snorkeling is, of course, always a hassle-free option, and Bonaire has developed a guided tour consisting of classroom lecture/slide shows and diving at one of 12 sites.