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the act of snoring or producing a snoring sound

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The SnoreCare Nose Vents helps get rid of snoring by gently widening the nasal passages to improve breathing.
Getting someone to stop snoring can also prove to be a difficult task and can cause arguments, with some couples being forced to sleep in separate bedrooms.
Emma and I try to go to bed together but invariably I fall asleep and she pokes me to tell me to shut up because I'm snoring.
You should see a GP if your snoring is affecting aspects of your life, such as causing excessive tiredness and poor concentration, or relationship problems.
While occasional snoring is usually not very serious, habitual snoring can put you at risk of serious health problems.
Background: Several previous studies have shown that snoring is associated with glucose metabolism and the development of diabetes, but rare study has shown the association between snoring frequency and prediabetes, particularly in China.
ISLAMABAD -- Children with frequent snoring and breathing problems during sleep are prone to an increased risk of poor concentration level and learning abilities.
NEW YORK -- Though it occurs most often in overweight men, snoring is a common condition that can affect anyone and is likely to increase with age, according to WebMD.
And scientists at Bergen University in Norway have also discovered that both sexes are affected differently - men have an increased chance of snoring, whereas women are more susceptible to daytime sleepiness.
While snoring is often treated as a bit of a joke, long-term sleep deprivation can have serious health consequences and cause relationship issues.
Snoring is a common problem throughout the United States and worldwide, with literature reporting that 5-86% of men and 2-47% of women snore [1, 2].
ClickPress, Fri Sep 25 2015] Anti-snoring Devices and Snoring Surgery Market by Device Type (MADs, TRD, Nasal Dilator, Chin Strap, Position Control, Pillows, TSD, EPAP), Surgical Procedure (UP3, LAUP, RFA, Sclerotherapy, Pillar, Others (Septoplasty, ESS)) - Global Trends & Forecast to 2020
scientists and engineers have developed a NEW, almost impossible to feel, lightweight mouthpiece - that STOPS SNORING OVERNIGHT.
AS ANYBODY who shares a bed knows, when it comes to snoring, often it's the person who ISN'T afflicted with the condition that actually suffers most.