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Synonyms for snore

the rattling noise produced when snoring

Related Words

the act of snoring or producing a snoring sound

breathe noisily during one's sleep

References in classic literature ?
Benjamin was so excited that it was a mercy he did not awake Tommy Brock, whose snores continued solemnly in Mr.
He stood a minute watching Tommy Brock and listening attentively to the snores.
The snores were almost apoplectic; but the grin was not quite so big.
I noted the gurgling forefoot was very like a snore, and as I listened to it the effect of Wolf Larsen's swift rush from sublime exultation to despair slowly left me.
Well, I got my boots on, and we went down and slipped in and laid the paper of sugar on the berth, and sat down soft and sheepish and went to listening to Bud Dixon snore.
If that were so, the Professor seemed to think, the snores of other boys must be something too awful to be endured: but he was a cautious man, and he said nothing.
Bumble; 'and although I was NOT snoring, I shall snore, gape, sneeze, laugh, or cry, as the humour strikes me; such being my prerogative.
Mum snores - she and dad haven't slept together for 25 years.
You should also speak to your GP if your child snores.
When a person snores, the noise comes from the vibration of the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat.
I think it is less likely related to the motion of the neck or vibration and more to do with the type of person who snores.
I now can't sleep due to loud snores from this man.
In any dog that snores, you must also consider that nasal tumors--benign or malignant--may be the cause of the problem.
Likewise, no significant differences were seen in the number of snores per hour (snoring index) or the respiratory disturbance index.