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someone who snores while sleeping

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5 PILE UP THE PILLOWS "IF you sleep with a snorer, get them to use an extra pillow for elevation, which can reduce snoring," says Stephanie.
Whether they make a loud rumble or a bothersome whistle, a snorer isn't fun to deal with - especially if they are preventing you from getting the seven to nine hours of sleep experts suggest we should aim for each night.
The pillow is said to provide 'firm support' to the snorer's head and promises to reduce sleep sounds - giving both occupants of the bed a better night's rest.
It involves microphones and speakers inside the nonsnoring partner's pillow and a mic close to the snorer.
Snorers are, I'll admit, stubborn and often don't accept how bad the problem is.
After my father, also a serious snorer, was diagnosed with the condition, I made an appointment with a sleep clinic, too.
Snoring usually causes more of an irritation for the snorer's partner than the snorer and can disrupt a partner's sleep.
SNORING is a common problem in the UK and often causes more of an irritation for the snorer's partner than the snorer and can disrupt a partner's sleep.
Snorer will be responsible for strategic direction, sales development, channel management, research, marketing and international expansion.
Birmingham's worst snorer will then join the loudest from other cities to take orders from army-style leaders on everything from sleep advice to gruelling exercise to bring down the decibels.
My problem is I am a terrible snorer and I am worried this will ruin the holiday for the others.
Because of this, folk wisdom once dictated that the snorer wear pajamas with an object (such as a tennis ball) sewn into the top near the small of the back, making it uncomfortable to sleep in that position.
Some are variations on the old idea of sewing a tennis ball on the pajama back - to force the snorer to sleep on his side.
What if your night is constantly disturbed by a snorer in the house?