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someone who snores while sleeping

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pauses is called sleep apnoea is no fun snorer Someone with OSA generally gets a very poor quality of sleep.
NOSE SNORER THIS is when the nostrils either collapse or are congested, causing the airway to be blocked.
After my father, also a serious snorer, was diagnosed with the condition, I made an appointment with a sleep clinic, too.
In this condition the obstruction in the airways may be so disruptive that the snorer may have extended pauses in their breathing whilst sleeping (called an apnoea).
Graham Carr Smith, director of remedy company Helps Stop Snoring, which launched the campaign, said: "It's clear that a lot of women snore and the problem is getting worse, with doctors claiming up to 40 per cent of snorers are women.
If apnoeas occur frequently, the snorer may feel exhausted during the day and might complain of a restless night's sleep.
If you're sleeping with a snore bore, chances are you're not getting much sleep - often it's the partner of a snorer who suffers the most.
A This is a very common complaint and one that, as you say, has become the subject of many jokes but it really is no laughing matter, particularly for the partner of a snorer - the snorer often being oblivious to the disruption this involuntary behaviour is causing
Snorer will be responsible for strategic direction, sales development, channel management, research, marketing and international expansion.
Birmingham's worst snorer will then join the loudest from other cities to take orders from army-style leaders on everything from sleep advice to gruelling exercise to bring down the decibels.
TENNIS great Martina Navratilova will be serving up some broken sleep in the jungle - the nine-times Wimbledon winner says she's a champion SNORER.
My problem is I am a terrible snorer and I am worried this will ruin the holiday for the others.
The best thing that a snorer can do, in the interests of marital harmony, is to buy their partner some earplugs.
Because of this, folk wisdom once dictated that the snorer wear pajamas with an object (such as a tennis ball) sewn into the top near the small of the back, making it uncomfortable to sleep in that position.