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the quality of being snooty

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"He's found a Pokemon nearby," said my younger son disdainfully, and I wondered why the snootiness since he plans to study software engineering and Augmented Reality (AR) should be of interest to him.
'The people who control and protect this privileged information have a valuable asset, for the difference between what you could actually pay for a piece and the price the dealer was asking for it could be very substantial.' He continues: 'There is also a kind of snootiness to the business.
I can honestly say it is up there with The Black Swan at Oldstead, which you gave six stars, with not an ounce of pretentiousness or snootiness. My favourite dishes were the venison with beetroot, their signature dish, and the chocolate cherry (which was actually in the shape of a cherry).
The author is a professor of linguistics and computer science, and particularly in the early sections, the book will appeal most to readers with some academic intellectual background or interests (for instance, a chapter on how restaurants write their menus to appeal to various levels of snootiness goes into detail on how the data was analyzed).
Evelyn Waugh or Kingsley Amis would have called it Ringworm School and run wild with the absurdity, but Orwell feels obliged to preach grimly, about the usual class-mad snootiness and hypocritical religiosity.
Today, such anti-consumerist snootiness is a mainstay of both edgier pop--think of Lorde's annoying ditty "Royals"--and what passes for radical let-wing politics.
In your book, you repeatedly talk about the importance of making a restaurant not just good, but "accessible." Had you been put off by the snootiness of fine dining as it existed at the time?
She has the best crustaceans and she knows it, hence the snootiness.
But Gyllenhaal's snootiness wouldn't dissuade Saunders from crashing any celebrity bast.
Coming from a League One club, there has been a fair bit of snootiness towards him.
The fact that these very large, very grand objects are made up of very small, very ordinary ones gives them an immediate populist appeal--they are works about which a wide audience finds it easy to say "wow." This has led to a certain snootiness about them in some parts of the art world, a response that seems to me entirely wrong.
There's none of the snootiness you sometimes get at the posher country hotels.
The Lycee Yersin's students blasted the Nha Trang students for what they called snootiness. They exclaimed in indignation: 'It is abhorrent to brag that one is from a wealthy family, from the family of an official, and to express disdain towards the poor.' They were disgusted by the Nha Trang students' following 'the depraved turbulent American way of life, imitating the Beatles, the Yankees, to "make love not war"'.
(80-81) In contrast to Darcy's first appearance, however, this potential hero displays no snootiness to injure his popularity, and since once again the narrator does not differentiate at first between the general reaction of "every lady" and the specific reaction of Elizabeth, presumably Elizabeth participates in the general admiration of Mr.
The vessel possesses every luxury imaginable, but happily lacks the snootiness often associated with highpriced hotels.