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Synonyms for snootily

in a snobbish manner

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I was relieved to find the house was not sham aesthetic", wrote Morris snootily to Jenny, "so something can be done with it" '
Rather than snootily deriding optometrists whose chosen mode of practice is different from our own, we should accept that optometrists are not a coherent group of people seeking the same goal, but of individuals working towards a vision of their own future and in doing so opening up new opportunities for the rest of us.
Remember when we chortled snootily at Zee and their 'no such number' lakh?
I remember thinking, a bit snootily, that we'd drawn the short straw.
Spanish Jansenists snootily responded to the work with another by an Augustinian friar whose book satirized La liga and maintained that <<Jansenism>> as a heresy was a ghost created by Jesuits to work against the very orthodox practice of advocating the Gospel's moral rigor.
Anderson's voice is deep, poised and English sounding, but not snootily so.
Do you remember the British MP, Paul Tyler, who many years ago snootily declared that: "Trains are only suitable for typists"?
Miss Trimble, pictured, as she was snootily called in at least one middle-of-the-road newspaper, swiftly entered the virginal domain of Jane Austin, an Anne Widdicombe for the Noughties, by setting new records in question-answering on University Challenge.
THE rather snootily named Sizaire-Berwick, built before the First World War, was rather well connected.
THERE are, admittedly, a fewfolk wallowing in the comfy cloisters of the film industry that will exclaim snootily that Terence Davies is his own worst enemy, but there are throngs of others more sympathetic to his avowedly independent free spirit, who hail him as a genius.
Its best-remembered event, the Suez Crisis, was a fiasco, and the 'never-had-it-so-good' affluence merely camouflaged rapid decline relative to the economic rivals whom Britain, rather snootily, refused to join in the Treaty of Rome.
The immortal Murray Kempton rather snootily summed up the thinking at the time: "The New American Right is most conspicuous these days for its advanced state of wither.
One group replied snootily to his invitation: "We've just opened in Windsor and Edinburgh ( Middlesbrough isn't even on our radar.