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Synonyms for snoot

the structure on the human face that contains the nostrils and organs of smell and forms the beginning of the respiratory tract

one who despises people or things regarded as inferior, especially because of social or intellectual pretension


Synonyms for snoot

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Since they're attached to the "snap in/out" comfort snoot, relamping and field exchange of optics can be done quickly as display changes are needed.
As a fellow amateur linguist, or SNOOT, or whatever I am, I applaud David Foster Wallace's candid and entertaining appraisal of the Language Wars in his essay that masquerades as a review of Bryan A.
The giraffe mother at left wraps her tongue all the way around her youngster's snoot. She may be cleaning the calf.
Walthamstow: (Chandler)4-6 Union Decree, 3 Im Frankie, 10 Ardera Mustang, Bubbly Kevin, Lambughini, 14 Bubbly Lord, 16 Concorde Flight, Fernabbey Sinead, 25 Cash Barney, 50 Glideaway Jewel, Snoot Plute, Suave Star, 66 Timeforadream, Miss President, Whirlwindromance, 100 Heathers Bonny, Rosden Aussie, Trust Fontaine.
And for every anti-hero, cocking a snoot at convention and suicidally shooting it up, there's a parent or a grandparent fighting to prevent the lives of innocent children being shattered before they've begun.
As I ran down there To pick up this fruit, A little gray squirrel Picked it up with his snoot.
Because a red nose at the time was viewed as a sign of alcoholism, Montgomery Ward was hesitant to be on board with the bulbous, red snoot. A blue nose was considered, but later changed.
He is so passionate about this mission that he invested in a serious rig to pursue his photography: He started out with a Canon point and shoot, but is now kitted out with a Canon 5D Mark IV equipped with Seacam housing and Seacam strobes, together with a focus light and a snoot.
For faster and easier loading and unloading of higher volumes of parcels from trailers, the Express Snoot conveyor pivots up and down, and from left to right, remaining alongside the operator at all times.
You can only sneer and jeer at workin' folks so long before we strip oft" our work gloves, put down our wrenches, turn off our drill presses and poke you in the snoot.
Like thousands of others, I benefited from her bringing world class entertainment to Bahrain and putting the country on the regional cultural map via the Spring of Culture, cocking a snoot at her critics tweaking beards.
The Tourer is attracting much attention as sports estates are now the buzz - even Jaguar, which cocked a snoot at estates for years, has one.
With the bottom cut off, a black Koozie makes a perfect snoot - a simple tube or cylinder mounted on the business end of the flash to focus all the light forward in a narrow beam, flashlight-style.
The quills, which are really just modified hairs, do not act as projectiles and if your dog gets a snoot full of quills, they were still attached to a porcupine when the painful blow was dealt.