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large tropical American food and game fishes of coastal and brackish waters

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But some dedicated snook anglers operate incognito, The uninitiated might spot them on the water but have no clue what they're up to.
We have placed pacemakers many times in dogs but Snooks was the first cat at our hospital.
Snooks was the first cat to get a pacemaker at the University of Glasgow's vet school.
Snooks, of Margaret Avenue, Barry, denies indecent assault.
For more information, contact Lee Snooks at 517/544-2844 or 2306 Haslett Road, East Lansing, MI 48823.
Professor Graeme Donald Snooks does not like the way most members of the economics profession undertake their work nowadays.
Family man Stephen Snooks pleaded guilty to one burglary and asked for another burglary, eight thefts and one offence of interfering with a car to be taken into account.
Sandra Boss, of London, made the appeal to exhubbie Clark Rockefeller, 48, who abducted daughter Reigh, nicknamed Snooks, on Sunday in Boston, Massachusetts - on his first supervised visit since he lost custody last year.
In short, the Snooks are the sort of people we call the salt of the earth.
But 25-year-old Stephen Snooks was allowed to get away when he lunged towards one of them with a dinner knife, Cardiff Crown Court heard Snooks, a serial offender, was arrested later at his family's home in Coychurch Rise, Barry.
The High Court in Edinburgh heard bogus workmen had robbed the Snooks of pounds 3000 months earlier.
WICKED: Joseph Nelson Howard yesterday admitted abandoning the Snooks without food or water; PRISONERS: The Snooks were locked in their home; TRAPPED: Elizabeth and Harold Snook
The High Court in Edinburgh heard bogus workmen robbed the Snooks of pounds 3000 months earlier.