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game equipment consisting of a heavy table on which pool is played

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Earlier, the TCKP MD inaugurated the newly-installed snooker table, table tennis tables and badminton and chess facilities.
The "W2" development, opposite St David's Hospital in Riverside, will even see old snooker tables being put to use as stylish slate-topped boardroom tables and desks.
The bard-to-be, the bachelor of arts, the Welsh scholar who introduced the restaurant to complaining rugby club treasurers also potted a wicked black on the snooker table, and there was nothing he liked better all his life than the comfortable smoke-ridden aroma of the billiard hall, the clicking of the balls and the shuffle of the metal pointer on the scoreboard providing the congenial atmosphere of one more home to him.
Proud mum Rachel, from Northop Hall, said: "It all started just before his third birthday when he asked for a snooker table. We went for tea to a pub and he saw a snooker table and wanted a go."
The Arsenal star, who should be back from a knee injury in time to face Uruguay on Thursday, admits he went off in a huff after a last-gasp defeat by Rooney on the snooker table at England's hotel in Rio.
Photographer David, of Brightons, Falkirk, said: "We have a full-size snooker table, which Jodie likes to potter around, so I decided to recreate the shot.
But due to a tight budget, money to repair the roof is being raised by selling a vintage sweet cabinet and a fullsize snooker table - items which have been at the church hall as long as some parishioners can remember.
It also has a full size snooker table and heated indoor swimming pool.
Luxury: Wright's posh pad boasts a snooker table and huge rooms Mug shot:Wright in Tallinn
For a sketch with Mitchell and Webb, she dressed as a snooker table. Quote "There is too much coverage of one sport above all others.
Knight Shot has furnished games rooms in UAE palaces and has even flown an employee out to a US army base in Afghanistan to set up a snooker table for the soldiers, but it's not just tables for hardcore sports fans.
In business since 1993, this billiards parlor features 14 regulation tables, 8 bar tables and a Brunswick 6' x 12' snooker table. In addition there is darts, video games, juke box, snack machines and a pro shop for billiard supplies.
I haven't got him a little snooker table yet, I sat him on my snooker table and threw the balls around but, if I can help it, I'll be keeping a snooker cue as far from him as possible.
Hence, a rosy-hued shot of one of the decks leading into an open-air bedroom is titled, "Sunset Strip"; side-by-side photos captioned "outdoor pool" and "indoor pool" feature the swimming pool and snooker table.
It has 26 pool tables (twenty-three 9-foot, three 8-foot) divided between the main floor and an upstainrs loft, a snooker table, and a billiard table.