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an ornamental net in the shape of a bag that confines a woman's hair

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There may be a safety issue - if for example a player was running through on goal and an opponent grabbed his snood, that could pose a potential danger to his neck," he added.
A Fifa spokesman said: "We want a debate over the snood and whether it could be dangerous.
The no-nonsense Scot (above) said: "I was looking for the kit men before the match and couldn't get to them to say that if any of them put in snoods I was going to sack them.
Look snood up in the dictionary and you will find they date back to the eighth century when they were found presumably in the T K Maxx of their day in the then thriving capital of the kingdom of Mercia, Tamworth.
LUXURY fashion group Burberry yesterday hailed the success of its snood headgear in pre-Christmas trading as it flagged up stronger-than-expected annual profits.
Matched with a cosy snood, priced pounds 15, and these glamorous black jeggings, pounds 40, it's a fantastic look if you're going out.
Luxury goods group Burberry beat second-quarter revenue forecasts, helped by demand for handbags, leather goods and snoods, adding to signs of a consumer recovery and lifting its shares to a 21-month high.
Once several Snoods are made, they can be dragged, duplicated, hidden in the "shed," and stored out of the way in the yard.
Opt for extra long, wraparound scarves or snoods to keep out icy winds.
Seeing players trot out in gloves, thermals or (before they were banned) snoods, just isn't right.
Everyone's been lining up to have a pop at the soft foreign players who favour woolly accessories on the pitch, but snoods have been given the thumbs-up by Arsene Wenger as the Arsenal medical staff say they can help prevent neck injuries.
EVERTON'S players have been banned from wearing snoods - and it is nothing to do with David Moyes.
Bobble hats, gloves, thermals and scarves were banned even in the coldest weather imaginable, and snoods had not been invented then either
IT WAS a case of the men who weren't afraid of the big freeze against the men in snoods and gloves at the City of Manchester Stadium on Monday.