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touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.

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Don't kiss too much in public but don't tell other snoggers to 'get a hotel room' - just cough loudly.
The best images will be displayed inside the store, and Brum's best snoggers will win one of the following prizes: 1st prize pounds 500 of Mexx clothes and a digital camera; 2nd prize pounds 250 Mexx clothes; 3rd prize pounds 100 of Mexx clothes.
SMOOCH-UP: Rain can't dampen spirits of these snoggers
Fran has revealed his first kiss was around the back of the school ``where the snoggers went'' and the girl was so small she had to stand on a rock to kiss him.
BRITISH men have confessed that they are the world's worst snoggers.
Women can kiss goodbye to a passionate smooch this Valentine's Day, according to a Mills and Boon survey - because UK men are the worst snoggers in the world.
So it was off with the long, frizzy hair, out with the school work and welcome to the best snoggers in the class.
Fashion foxes will love the colours, clutter-bugs the stackable pots, eye-batters the rich pigment shadows, and snoggers the stay-put lippies.
It was assumed that was because the Epstein Barr virus that causes it is found in saliva - and everyone knows students are enthusiastic snoggers.
Not that I have anything against snogging in clubs - definitely not - it's just these snoggers seemed to think they were competing for the tonsil- hockey bop awards.