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Synonyms for snog

touch with the lips or press the lips (against someone's mouth or other body part) as an expression of love, greeting, etc.

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"It is time tech firms got their act together and made their sites safe." Pervert Hughes, a company managing director of Stockport, Cheshire, was expecting a child with his girlfriend when he contacted his victim, now 21, on in 2012.
Katie, a hair and beauty student from Hilton village, near Yarm added: "Tuesday night at The Keys is singles night or known locally as 'Grab a Granny' night - but no one calls it Snog a Dog night."
"But I got to snog James Bond before any other Bond bird got her hands on him, and I'm proud of that.
The pair have danced together since Seann and Katya's snog, but tonight was a little different as they were separated, performing with others again.
p13 A drastic make-under from BBC Three's Snog Marry Avoid?
The research found almost a quarter of all workers have had a snog with a colleague at their Christmas party and 10 per cent slept with one.
She finds it hard to digest that Enrique, who is "engaged" to Anna Kournikova, has the audacity to snog so many women and be normal about it.
TEENAGE actress Emma Watson, who plays know-itall Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, says she can't wait to snog Hogwarts classmate Ron Weasley.
Scott Mills played "Snog, Marry, Make a Track" with Ellie Goulding for his weekly O2 Tracks Appcast - with interesting results.
Michelle's drunken snog just six months into their marriage wrecked his trust in the Liberty X singer.
After a bit of probing, the Irish hunk revealed that he DID snog both housemate Tania Do Nascimento and RISE presenter Kate Lawler.
One very Spicy snog actually, make that two very Spicy snogs.
Sexy Michelle, 28, who shared a saucy snog with fellow housemate Ulrika Jonsson on yesterday's show, admits the kiss at a club in Marbella, Spain, but says other allegations are "ridiculous".