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a large marine food fish common on the coasts of Australia, New Zealand, and southern Africa


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(26.) De Wit M, Winterdijk P, Aanstoot H, Anderson B, Danne T, Deeb L, Lange K, Nielsen AO, Skovlund S, Peyrot M, Snoek F; DAWN Youth Advisory Board.
Cold boiled beef tongue, with honey and mustard sauce, Slap hakskeentjies or pickled onions, carrot and pineapple in aspic, cucumber and yoghurt aspic, roasted leg of Karoo lamb, stuffed turkey, cape snoek (fish), curry pickled fish, prawns and seafood, Russian salad, cream cheese and pea salad and any kind of potatoes!
[14.] Timmers M, Snoek KG, Gregori D, Felix JF, van Dijk M, van As SA.
The GOS is a five-item scale, with the following indicators: 1 = dead, 2 = vegetative state (unresponsive*), 3 = severe disability (can follow commands, but cannot live independently), 4 = moderate disability (can live independently, but has reduced work capacity), and 5 = good recovery (can live independently and able to work, Jennett, Snoek, Bond, & Brooks, 1981).
Aman J, van Koppenhagen L, Snoek AM, van der Hoeven JG, van der Lely AJ.
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Role ambiguity is the uncertainty regarding others' expectations for an employee's performance, the actions needed to meet those expectations and the overall consequences of one's job behaviour (Kahn, Wolfe, Quinn, Snoek, & Rosenthal, 1964).
Now, at last, it appears that the complete letters will be published soon, edited by Kees Snoek. The OSP paid a lot of attention to Indonesia in its journals, and even offered Hatta a place on its list of candidates for the parliamentary elections of 1933.
We designed a platform that is simple, fast and straightforward to use," said John Snoek, Vice President of Acapture.
Indeed, and as Levinger and Snoek (1972) point out, "the beginnings of a relationship appear when one person (P) becomes aware of another (O)", and "it is unimportant whether or not O in turn notices P.
Daar is die wat met sononder uit alle rigtings eiland toe kom, "die malgasse en pikkewyne, swartvoels en seeduikers" (6), en die wat vir die vissers die teenwoordigheid van snoek in die diepsee aandui: die malmokkies wat saam met die malbare en sterlinkies op die water sit om te aas, die malgasse wat uit die lugruim bokant die skool snoek "val" (8).
Snoek. Evaluation of color descriptors for object and scene recognition.