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Synonyms for snobby

characteristic of or resembling a snob

Synonyms for snobby

befitting or characteristic of those who incline to social exclusiveness and who rebuff the advances of people considered inferior

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The Snobby development is set quietly, amidst olive groves, beside a small village church.
She's prepared for criticism from peers at her snobby prep school--or so she thinks.
There were days that the second show was laborious, but clarifying details, like my snobby aristocratic glare in one scene or keeping my wrists reminiscent of traditional flamenco dancers in another, helped me stay focused.
Bar chairman Geoffrey Vos QC said people from ordinary backgrounds are often overlooked in favour of those from a "snobby" background.
Sarah is less snobby than the others and more bored with her life.
When Kat's father's lab is burglarized and her father blackmailed and in danger of losing his new job, she quickly learns that there is more to Dover Academy than snobby girls and dull-witted athletes.
The author, who has won awards for his series on the Edinburgh detective, said: "People aren't as snobby about crime books as they used to be but they still aren't taken as seriously as some people think they ought to be.
"These people are passionate about music, and some of them can get snobby when they have to defend their own genre."
In those days, homeless men with AIDS were literally dying along the sidewalks of Santa Monica Boulevard, sheriffs deputies routinely treated queers like dirt, and outsiders disdained the Boys Town club culture as snobby and racist, with good reason.
It is not a snobby attitude - I agree with the maxim that all people are equal on the turf as well as under it - it is just that we all seem to behave a bit better in a collar and tie.
"'Intellectual' conjures up an image of some snobby, maladjusted, holier-than-thou, socially inept person," said Corey D.
The cultures clash and the fun begins when free-spirited Daphne tries to fit in with British society, her snobby half-sister and her aristocratic dad.
It is particularly striking to read, in the wake of the 2000 election, a book about a third party Presidential candidate who denounced the two lookalike, corporate-dominated parties, who was accused of stealing votes from the Democrats, who was a public intellectual and policy expert advocating protections for ordinary citizens against the predations of global capitalism, who wore rumpled suits, was a workaholic, a visionary, ill-at-ease in snobby Washington society, who galvanized the left, infuriated liberals, and ultimately got 2.4 percent of the vote.
* Gun Snobby. A Louisiana judge tosses out state laws passed in order to stop cities from suing gun manufacturers for damages caused by gun crime.
This book's snobby, impractical, out-of-touch passages validate the dismissive criticisms made about university professors.