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the trait of condescending to those of lower social status

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Diversity of cultural tastes and practices can itself be a form of snobbism or aesthetic distancing, especially in a world marked by ubiquitous information where it is increasingly difficult to know about or appreciate everything.
"We have a class snobbism that the only jobs that matter are the jobs we do: white-collar jobs in offices."
Admiration for the great is only a sort of discipline to keep us in order, a necessary snobbism to make us mind our places.
Moreover, some respondents have agreed that the social status of the rich people allows them to enter notorious districts, dazzling by some kind of snobbism which separates the rich from the poor.
Legrandin, who is associated with snobbism, evades the question in order to make himself mysterious and powerful in the eyes of Marcel's family.
Though Marcuse was far more sympathetic to the counter-cultural revolution than Adorno and Horkheimer, he had grown sceptical of the misplaced radicalism and contempt for aesthetic snobbism that had attracted the movement to a kind of 'living art', which rebelled against bourgeois culture in favour of a return to the immediacy of sense experience and physical receptivity.
(2: 446) Finally, confront the racist and peyorative remarks disclosed by the narrator with the writer's own cultural snobbism:
So, one must be aware of snobbism, convenience, self-sufficiency, intransigency or pedantery.
He may have veiled the layers of ritual speech meanings that Angkola Batak speakers knew their language possessed in an effort of reverse snobbism vis-a-vis the 'simpler' language of Bahasa Indonesia.
He had died by the time Yasmina Reza made a triumph in 1994 with her populist play Art, in which she attempted to lambaste the "snobbism in contemporary art," as she put it, by positing an artist whose masterpiece was a white monochrome, but Barre would not have been surprised to read that the playwright pointed to him as her model for this fictitious painter.
(37) Emigre criticism recognized his mastery and genius, but condemned his coldness, his snobbism, cynicism, and aestheticism.
Excuse my snobbism, but some people have to make compromises and resort to Internet dating sites, due to the lack of other options.
"Conspicuous Consumption, Snobbism, and Conformism." Journal of Public Economics, 66, 1997, 55-71.
It seems that they also could charge higher fees (the ratio was from 1 to 100 compared to a French firm, according to interview 2, based on a certain kind of "snobbism at a time of prosperity" [interview 3].