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the trait of condescending to those of lower social status

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So, one must be aware of snobbism, convenience, self-sufficiency, intransigency or pedantery.
He may have veiled the layers of ritual speech meanings that Angkola Batak speakers knew their language possessed in an effort of reverse snobbism vis-a-vis the 'simpler' language of Bahasa Indonesia.
37) Emigre criticism recognized his mastery and genius, but condemned his coldness, his snobbism, cynicism, and aestheticism.
Excuse my snobbism, but some people have to make compromises and resort to Internet dating sites, due to the lack of other options.
These interviewees were deeply concerned about the implementation of programs which only respond to the snobbism of unemployed intellectuals, or to political campaigns: "It seems to me some intellectuals don't know what else to invent.
I never understood why there should be this snobbism between the decorative arts and the free arts, and I've dedicated some of my life to bringing them closer together.
Her pushy veneer of European culture, originally a survival mechanism for an arriviste Sedara in the established but alien world of the Corbera family, has now become an ingrained if shallow snobbism, ostentatiously parading the latest cultural fashions from the 'continente': 'Leggeva molto e sul suo tavolino etpiecenti libri di France e di Bourget si alternavano con quelli di D'Annunzio e della Serao'(p.
In a typically Victorian display of snobbism, any author who found himself or herself being sold on the railway platform shivered at the thought.
Peter Lyth confirms that in their publicity material airlines of the period 'appealed openly to the snobbism of their passengers and encouraged the idea that certain types of sophisticated people travelled by plane', (38) although Pirie suggests that 'senior colonial administrators, military officers and businessmen' were the most probable passengers.
26) McKay's generous indifference to the imperatives of pop snobbism also enables him to give credit to Winifred Atwell, a musician whose significance to the popular culture of both England and Australia, where she later settled, has been smothered by disdain.
For the first time, the San who lived there became acquainted with the notion of private property--and snobbism.
is perhaps not inappropriate to ask whether snobbism and catering to
Yet, in addition to his change of attitude towards the German enemy, for instance, or his "vieille France" snobbism, which all make contributions to the dynamic of the imago (as well as a German spy Lehameau has just caused to be executed), the surprise of Mme Dutertre to whom he says goodbye before going back to the front lines is equally represented as being humorous: "--You must have become a great sage, said Mrs Dutertre trying to be funny.