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the trait of condescending to those of lower social status

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The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly "never rose to the bait" of "sneering and snobbishness" that has been directed at her since the beginning of her relationship with Prince William.
There is no room for introversion, because in a traditional Pinoy family, this is viewed as either shyness that must be overcome against all odds, or snobbishness that is tantamount to arrogance.
"There is definitely a bit of snobbishness in how people look at his approach, just as there is with Sam Allardyce.
Perhaps it's time to rethink my brand snobbishness.
He had the most demanding artistic discipline and a complete lack of intellectual snobbishness. The "paleface" disciple of Henry James and the "redskin" reader of Whitman and Ginsberg, as he once phrased it-the music-lover admirer of Mahler and the Jimi Hendrix fan, the tragic lover and the Dionysian devil, the concerned citizen and writer and the anarchist-this duality that he succeeded in maintaining harmoniously in each of his best books also existed in life, and I think that it was the base, not just of the writing, but, more importantly perhaps, of what made this writing possible and nourished it: that is to say his freedom.
And there's now a similar refreshing lack of snobbishness when it comes to food.
If leadership isnt going to have your back, youre going to continue to see bad actors abuse their power, she said A significant barrier to effective D&I policies is the inherent bias that is often built into law firms from snobbishness over ones law school pedigree to the fallback of giving less conspicuous and rewarding assignments to, say, female associates only to have that associate spinning her professional wheels years later because she was given research documents to work on rather than depositions, or other assignments that make stronger stepping stones.
Elia's anxious urgency and Hokk's cruel practicality are offset by Tash's frivolity and penchant for romanticizing events, giving her an endearing likability despite her snobbishness, particularly when she proclaims Hokk a visitor from the moon, unknowingly giving the two of them access to the palace.
Priced at PS31,885 in SE L Executive form with twin clutch six-speed automatic gearbox, it offers an almost unique package with strong appeal to outdoor, sporty buyers who put more emphasis on good value than brand snobbishness.
Kevin Kwan has done it again, and it's even more deliciously outrageous than Crazy Rich Asians, his first foray into dissecting the money-fueled madness and secretive snobbishness of the wealthy Singapore Chinese.
There is a refreshing lack of snobbishness about what is included ensuring that it is a true reflection of the world of children's books today.
Almost everything is frowned upon except, perhaps, snobbishness and a strict observance of 'the rules.' .' But why not relax?
The brothers convicted for life for killing businessman Nitish Katara and known for their fiery temper and snobbishness are now friends with most of the inmates.
But he said London's irreverence has always been his inspiration and his escape from the snobbishness of Parisian haute couture.