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the trait of condescending to those of lower social status

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Elia's anxious urgency and Hokk's cruel practicality are offset by Tash's frivolity and penchant for romanticizing events, giving her an endearing likability despite her snobbishness, particularly when she proclaims Hokk a visitor from the moon, unknowingly giving the two of them access to the palace.
Priced at PS31,885 in SE L Executive form with twin clutch six-speed automatic gearbox, it offers an almost unique package with strong appeal to outdoor, sporty buyers who put more emphasis on good value than brand snobbishness.
Snobbishness around dummies causes more pointless stress in motherhood than virtually anything other than snobbishness around breast-feeding.
Kevin Kwan has done it again, and it's even more deliciously outrageous than Crazy Rich Asians, his first foray into dissecting the money-fueled madness and secretive snobbishness of the wealthy Singapore Chinese.
There is a refreshing lack of snobbishness about what is included ensuring that it is a true reflection of the world of children's books today.
Almost everything is frowned upon except, perhaps, snobbishness and a strict observance of 'the rules.
The brothers convicted for life for killing businessman Nitish Katara and known for their fiery temper and snobbishness are now friends with most of the inmates.
But he said London's irreverence has always been his inspiration and his escape from the snobbishness of Parisian haute couture.
And just as important, the author describes the bleak economy in northern Scotland, lack of jobs, employees fearful of being fired from the only employer in town, and the general social milieu of small-town snobbishness.
He's secretly carried a torch for blonde upper-class beauty Jade Butterfield (Gabriella Wilde), but has never spoken to her; nor, for that matter, has anyone else, as her grief for her beloved dead brother, Chris, and her drive to excel in school are generally mistaken for icy snobbishness.
Despite snobbishness that some employers and important people still hold against regional dialects - one survey revealed 80% of employers had probably discriminated against a candidate on the grounds of accent - I hope I can retain what I've got left.
A woman's figure is a beautiful thing and if she has shapely legs she should show them off because men love to see that" Entertainer Sir Bruce Forsyth "Dearest Miss Plumpline, Don't bathe in the sea, you might easily cause a tidal wave" Racing journalist Roger Mortimer in an affectionate letter to his holidaying daughter "Lumpy" Louise "I will talk exactly the same to the Queen, and have done many times, as I am talking to you or the woman cleaning the hotel room" Actor Sir Michael Caine, above, telling a reporter he does not like people calling him "sir" "Barking mad" The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby describing people who thought that single-handedly he could save the Anglican Church "There has been some snobbishness particularly among the much older generation.
This comment is not an instance of snobbishness, it shows how things have become so frightening.
There may have been an element of snobbishness at play and perhaps playing an Establishment figure such as Colonel Nicholson may have helped his cause," he said.
There has always been a whiff of snobbishness about the disquiet caused by the town leaving Warwickshire to join the hoi polloi of Birmingham - the pitfalls of which current MP Andrew Mitchell could tell everyone about.