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While Waugh's early work undoubtedly mocked the traditional gentleman and his place in an increasingly cut-throat world, he abandoned that playful and irreverent tone in his later work: A Handful of Dust of 1934 already shows a move towards the more serious and nostalgic while Brideshead Revisited of 1945 demonstrates a clear shift towards the more elegiac, mournful and certainly reactionary Waugh, who uncritically bemoaned the demise of the traditional gentleman ideal at the expense of what he spitefully and snobbishly termed 'the Common Man'.
and snobbishly looks down on you and yours - what about her wild years as a punk rock groupie who flattened more grass than McAlpines ?
9) While Indian intellectuals have snobbishly derided song and dance sequences as "dancing around trees," audiences demand them, and film scholars are increasingly recognizing their aesthetic and thematic importance in films.
She misjudges his language habits as "lordly airs" and snobbishly censures his naturalness as having "airs of superiority:" "After all, he might show that he realised he was being honoured.
And while some Francophiles might snobbishly recommend a fancy French Rhone with escargots, I suggest a local Truro Vineyards chardonnay to accompany our region's moon snail.
It is as if, I will say snobbishly (borrowing, liberally, from Gatsby), that "a sense of fundamental decencies is parceled out unequally at birth.
First, because in Oregon - a place known for such purebreds as trout and salmon and steelhead - bass are snobbishly seen as the equivalent of Cousin Eddie in his rusted-out RV in the "Christmas Vacation" movie.
However, there does also need to be a sense of realism as the amount wagered on opens is tiny compared to turnover on what is snobbishly considered by many as roulette Bags racing.
against these foreign critics but, in later life, snobbishly recoiling from the changes wrought by rapid industrialization following the Civil War, he would hurl the same charge at the America of the so-called Gilded Age.
FERA officials somewhat snobbishly described the local administrators they encountered as amateurs who tended to the poor "merely as a part-time or extra duty.
Advisors' traditional aversion to offering life insurance (at times almost snobbishly so) isn't helping, and an unbiased second look at the product is well worth the time.
Bur to snobbishly ignore exciting writers like Maureen McHugh is their loss.
For some of USAID's Afghan problems, the solutions lie in the past with old, but tried and true remedies; however USAID runs on press releases and the agency snobbishly feels that all its projects must at least appear to be state of the art.
The mediating role of Japan in Lu Xun's exposure to the shocking visual medium deserves close scrutiny because Japan was marked, in its attitude toward the West, by "that slave sentiment which lacks subjectivity" (Takeuchi 62), while snobbishly contemptuous of China.
Nonetheless, it's become fashionable to snobbishly sneer at its tightly-scripted single-player campaign and unabashedly mainstream multiplayer - even though it's like criticising Bond films for being over-reliant on stunts and gadgets.