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Synonyms for sniveling

whining in a tearful manner


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You continue to print the letters from those whining, sniveling, SHEEPLE (really, really like that word, by the way) in your superb publication.
Each night another international manager has cried in his beer as his country goes down to defeat to some sniveling soccer upstart.
Cutting remarks about sniveling liberals or bloodthirsty conservatives are fine in a piece that's written to fire up readers who agree with you.
If your magazine continues with its sniveling, "blame America" approach in the post-September 11 era, you will turn away many who are committed to progressive issues, but believe that the murder of more than 3,000 civilians warrants some sort of military response.
You could start by citing its all-star cast, headed by Nathan Lane at his zaniest and Matthew Broderick at his sniveling best.
Nine months ago, Ted Cruz called Donald Trump "terrific." Two weeks ago, he called the real estate mogul "a sniveling coward."
They would be crying or at least sniveling. There would be a backdrop of this year's Olympic hockey triumph.
No matter that Newt spent most of the last two years whimpering and sniveling about how the liberal press was "out to get" him.
Ted Cruz on Thursday fired back at Donald Trump's personal attacks on his wife, Heidi Cruz, calling his opponent in the GOP presidential race a "sniveling coward."