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whining in a tearful manner


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Donald, you're a sniveling coward, and leave Heidi the hell alone.
There are oh so many of us turning into sniveling, drooling versions of our day selves, consumed with worry, and battling with the boogie man in the middle of the night.
No matter that Newt spent most of the last two years whimpering and sniveling about how the liberal press was "out to get" him.
There will always be those sniveling critics who complain about too many close-ups or too many replays from a gripping, tension-filled series that almost made everyone forget there was a National League Championship Series going on at the same time.
Last season, ``Surreal Life'' proved, via Corey Feldman's incessant sniveling, that while stardom may fade, misguided self-importance prevails forever.
Tell me the sniveling liberals wanted us to be successful in Iraq.
To all the cry-baby liberal Democrats: Keep on sniveling, you are going to need the practice for what is in store for you in the next six years.
Why is it that whenever something good is written about Van Nuys Airport, the Valley's two leading airport-haters, Gerald Silver of Homeowners of Encino and Don Schultz of the Van Nuys Homeowners Association, have to ruin the story with their incessant sniveling about airport noise?
How much more interesting would Edmundson's play have been if this villain were a pencil-pushing bureaucrat, not a sniveling racist?
The sniveling letters written by the liberal left-wingers are music to my ears.
Bush will stand by his campaign promises and not bend to the whining and sniveling of your party.
And the less said about the lachrymose fortysomething parents who constantly weep about abandoning their children, the better: If these sniveling fogies can't seize responsibility meaningfully for their kids, how can they be expected to contribute usefully to this household?
It casts Robert Joy, adept at playing oily, sniveling sorts, as the snooty coach of the upscale school, and notes, with ironic satisfaction, that a highly placed executive in Chicago's school system, after decrying Plecki's behavior, was later found guilty of tax evasion.
Perhaps a better solution is for us to stop sniveling and use our legally owned guns to protect us, as God and the Founding Fathers intended.
The only sour note came from a commentator in the tabloid Daily Star: ``Quite aside from the fact that Tony and Cherie still have sex with each other, for God's sake, what on earth are they thinking of, inflicting another sniveling bundle on us.