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Synonyms for snitch

to take (another's property) without permission

to give incriminating information about others, especially to the authorities

one who gives incriminating information about others

Synonyms for snitch

someone acting as an informer or decoy for the police

take by theft

Related Words

give away information about somebody

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Seeing as times have changed, the rapper claims that snitches now have a "civic-ass responsibility" to tell us what President Donald Trump is up to.
Texas was one of first states to require the corroboration of jailhouse informant testimony and drug snitches, she said.
GOLDEN GREATS: From left are Imogen, Bryony and Oliver Bolton, all from Guisborough, who made golden snitches
According to a 2004 study by researchers at Northwestern University Law School, more than 45 percent of wrongful convictions in death penalty cases were due to false informant testimony, making snitches "the leading cause of wrongful convictions in U.
4) Indeed, so grave is the innocence concern that numerous reformers have recommended a wide array of changes to the law from pretrial reliability hearings before permitting informants to testify, to corroboration requirements before snitches may testify, to wider discovery, cautionary jury instructions, limitations on informant rewards, and improved police officer training (pp.
Kemp finds parallels between the doings of cats in hats, Grinches, Snitches, Sneetches, and other whimsical creatures with lessons embedded within the Scriptures.
Especially when she borrows clothes without asking or, worse, snitches you out.
The new thrust of Neighborhood Watch is just part of the Bush Administrations plan to set up a whole network of citizen snitches.
Since snitches are frequently rewarded the Government is encouraging such despicable behaviour.
The causes of wrongful convictions -- false confessions, mistaken identifications, and reliance on jailhouse snitches -- occur as a result of deeply entrenched law enforcement techniques and methods, both well-meaning and otherwise, used throughout our criminal justice system," Ridolfi said.
Too right he doesn't - cats are highly intelligent animals so obviously ously they are all well aware that snitches get stitches.
htm--most apparently settle into mundane careers as privately employed snitches and invigilators.
We can also pray for more gang snitches ready to give up stone-cold killers.
The author also provides case studies that illustrate how snitches have ruined the lives of innocent people.