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Synonyms for snit

a condition of excited distress

Words related to snit

a state of agitated irritation

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Charfi a, par ailleurs, fait savoir que " dans sa nouvelle strategie d'action qui sera bientot soumise au ministere de l'Equipement, de l'Habitat et de l'Amenagement du territoire, la SNIT proposera une revision de son role, pour ne plus se contenter de celui d'un promoteur et mieux adapter ses prestations au pouvoir d'achat du citoyen moyen ".
Des pourparlers sont menes, actuellement, avec les services du gouvernorat de la Manouba, pour trouver une solution au probleme foncier relatif au terrain de la SNIT, a Sidi Ali Hattab, en vue de la session du bien a ces occupants ou au conseil regional ou bien l'indemnisation de la SNIT en lui fournissant un terrain equivalent dans une autre zone.
This extraordinary talent is coveted by Snit, their consistently clever adversary.
In the meantime, I continued to attend Ottawa's International Animation Festivals, and happily purchased NFB calendars, magnets, The Cat Came Back sweatshirts, The Big Snit pens and anything else with that familiar green logo.
Il a precise que la SNIT avait acquis 6 hectares des terres domaniales a Sbeitla en vue de les exploiter pour la construction de 239 logements sociaux, signalant qu'en raison des constructions anarchiques et l'exploitation illegale de 3 hectares par des habitants de la region, la SNIT a construit 105 logements, dans le cadre de la premiere tranche, alors que les autres logements seront construits apres l'obtention d'un nouveau lot.
Par ailleurs, la SNIT veuille a fournir a la classe moyenne des logements sociaux avec des prix variant entre 70 et 100 mille dinars.
What he really said was, ``bull snit,'' which he defined as a contentious argument between men.
The subtext to the snit between unions is that the SEIU finds it unfair only because its workers aren't getting the same sweet deal.
Shaq goes off in a snit to another team, Jackson goes to his ranch for a year, Karl Malone probably slips into retirement, and Kobe becomes the center of the Lakers' diminished universe.
It would seem with the vast resources of the Department of Homeland Security our ``intelligence'' should be able to detect the peevish snit of a 23-year-old out for revenge on an ex-girlfriend.
Others do more harm then good; prissy Wayne, played at not much of a stretch by ``Will & Grace's'' Sean Hayes, allows her turkey into his new, state-of-the-art oven, then gets into a snit and holds it hostage.
No wonder Pope's cub reporter, despite a lack of solid evidence, is given to simpering during a snit fit, ``Why don't you arrest him, I don't understand
The patriarch is in his twilight days, and the empire is currently run by an unreliable hothead who lives ostentatiously, murdering foes on ill-advised whims and retreating to play with his pet tiger when he gets into a snit.
Last I checked, Shaq's snit wasn't preventing him from leading the league in scoring.