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(plural) hand shears for cutting sheet metal


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For that reason, Lu makes sensors for a range of lead concentrations by replacing some of the catalytic DNA with similar strands that don't snip DNA.
I'd recommend starting your collection with an offset compound snips (Photos 1 and 2; $11 to $28).
His team also discovered that women are more likely to be SNIPS than men.
To create a tapered probe, the bird begins tearing a strip near the base of the leaf and occasionally stops to snip the leaf crosswise to widen the tool.
She likes the colour so she snips off a piece of material to be matched up by Dulux.
After beta-secretase snips away one end of APP, another elusive enzyme, dubbed gamma-secretase, slices a chunk off the other end to produce beta-amyloid.
The five snips shown in Photos 3 through 7 are intended mainly for sheet metal up to 18-gauge thickness (that's about 1/32 in.
First discovered in maize and now observed in most genomes, these mobile stretches of DNA encode an enzyme, called a transposase, that snips DNA at the beginning and end of the transposon.
The device has a unique feature: It scales down the surgeon's movements, so the robot's snips and cuts are as little as one-hundredth the size of the physician's.
Normally produced by microorganisms, each of these enzymes snips DNA wherever it encounters a specific string of nucleotides, the DNA sub-units.