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Caption: ROLL WITH IT: The eye rolls and snippy one-liners are a daily occurrence these days and I've noticed that they just aren't coming from Hayden.
But the odd unhappy customer has left negative comments on TripAdvisor or Google, only to receive a snippy response from Mr White who, for reasons he cannot explain, signs himself "Lionel Blair" or "Montgomery Applegate".
It's a classic story that prompted Queens to send out a snippy email complaining about the fact anyone was interested enough to write about it.
Megan Burns of Newmains and Zoe Burton of Netherton, Wishaw, both got snippy for the Little Princess Trust and between them they managed to raise around PS1700 for the charity.
They are Elaine Walker Florist, Dr Noodle, Stons, Sainsbury's, Black's newsagents, Chimera Fitness, Waitrose, Sophie Preston Mobile Beauty, L.B.S, Lushus Beauty, Elegance Hair Salon, Chiffon Chinese, Lidl, Gents Barbers, Vinnys Bar, Shannon Coyle MUA, Snippy Sisters and Dolled Up.
Starting with Phoebe and Monica having a snippy exchange in a doctor's waiting room, the trailer continues with clips of Chandler, Ross, Rachel and Joey - and of course shots of the classic New York skyline.
When asked if she's had her lips done recently, the reality star seems snippy.
And there's a lot in there to provoke a snippy retort or two.
Part of the novel's joy comes from Selin's encounters with others, from her snippy roommate and her intense classmate Svetlana (with whom she travels to Paris) to Ivan, the enigmatic Hungarian she falls for in Russian class and follows to Budapest.
That he is admired in the often snippy world of university circles is very significant and shows he has the talent for handling people," Professor Rafael Betancourt of the University of Havana ( told the Latin Post.
JOSE MOURINHO got snippy with his players - after some of his stars arranged for a hairdresser to visit them during an away trip.
Whether it's Liverpool couple Leon and June, bickering over how many biscuits Leon's had, or snippy Brighton hairdressers Chris and Stephen comparing their tans or tattoos, or simply marvelling at Rev Kate's latest ridiculously oversized slippers, we simply need to know what they're up to.
At the first sign of a snippy "I asked you to cross on 19th Street," try: "I'll let you go now.
On first glance, it seems that those controllers were not very helpful and seemed rather snippy, perhaps because this is a situation that happens often and they're simply tired of it.